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Remember That Time

Regret is a dish best served with chocolate and wine. Ignorance is best served with vodka and lemon slices. Love is best served on its own.
Ignorance is bliss
Sometimes that way is best
Never knowing you
Never having you
Never seeing you
Never meeting you
Never loving you.
Then I would not know
Of what I am letting go
Of what is at stake
Of who is waiting on the other side
Of when I should walk away
Of how this would have become...
The trace that is left behind
When I face the terms
And wonder if
any if not all of it
was a mistake.
When it comes to leaving you
When it comes to telling you
When it comes down to this
This time was expected
This time that was unintended
This time that was wasted
This time we come to an end.
- Swit Marie 0417H 31st May 2017 Geek HQ


We both weren't bad people, not necessarily bad for each other but definitely not the best thing at this point of time.
Young is your heart
Naive is my soul
Cracking is your life
Bit by bit
With each day that passes
Right from the time we said
"Let's give this a chance."
What was left is the
Image of who we thought we were
Tinted with disappointment.
- Swit Marie 1718H 27th May 2017 Vainglory Championship


When you come to a state where you are fully drained and there is nothing left to give and no capacity to receive.Internally spent
Like a room up for rent
No questions asked
about who came and went.Physically wasted
Emotionally drained
Mentally tainted
Straddling along with the painLayers of vibrations of raindrops
Falling on the streets
Colliding with leaves
Drenching my hair
Falling till my tears stopColours are faded
Scars and wounds of the jaded
My heart again forsakened
Never again to be awakened.Wrecked like a weary ship
Sails tattered and battered
Creaking like quivering lips
Knots loose and scatteredFaint is my voice
Silenced without a choice
Unable to push air
Through my vocal chords
As breathing was a dead affair
from the time it reached this corpse.- Swit Marie
1501H 2nd June 2017
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Fated Bouquet

One of our very first official class assignments was to write a poem based on Maya Angelou's poem, 'Caged Bird' using flowers with the theme of Freedom vs. Oppression. We were given only 30 minutes to write, the poem had to have a similar style and length. One of the lines were used to form a new stanza for the next assignment, it can be found here.
A straight stalk, solely for one;
a white, half bloom,
considered as perfect.
Tucked in a pocket snugged
beside stiff lapels of a pitch black blazer.

A rose taken, a rose given for a reason.

Slight breeze flutters through its subtle petals
as the groom scurries down the aisle;
a distinct rush of nerves felt by the stalk
as it hears a whisper,
"Is this my beginning or the end?

A posse of roses and baby breaths
chatter excitedly, enveloped by pretty lace
and wrapped in ribbons to accentuate their colours,
In the hand of a young, established lady.

A rose taken, a rose given for a reason.

Their stalks grasped by trembling mani…