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I Froth You

Since I met you, life has become a lot more interesting and I feel like I am living again. There are days when I spend the whole day in your presence and it gives me comfort like food especially when you say you got my back. Malaysian only have one meal a day, we wake up and don't stop eating till we go to sleep.
I get nervous around you,
You are the layers of butter that flies through my stomach that makes me melt inside Your voice seeps into the pores of my being like maple syrup soaked up by fluffy cinnamon pancakes covered in heaps of frothy clotted cream surrounded by fresh assorted berries that are as colourful and vibrant as your company The perfect breakfast companion served with a steaming hot flat white with honey.
Your bars hold the spicy sambal hostage while the beats heat up the laksa
Mid day is when we get our fix
A drug that makes our ears sweat and hearts race
Pushing through till we overcome the fiery hill followed by the massive high of a foodgasm
Every time we p…