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A short piece in celebration of freedom and acknowledging its price
"Liberty!" she cried
Rivers she swam
Valleys she crawled
Nothing hurt as badly
As the day she said goodbye. The price of freedom
Was the pain she felt
Growing pains
Of going against the grain
- Swit Marie
0327H 17th May 2018
Taman Bahagia

Knowing Love

One of those days where I remembered what love felt like and when I was lucky enough to hold it in my hands. Unconditional and unique to that one moment shared by two people.
Love is knowing
when your heart falls
catched by cupped palms
when you heart sits
comfortably in fingers
that will not harm
Love is knowing.
- Swit Marie
0606H 19th May 2018
Taman Bahagia

NaPoWriMo: Grateful For You

A prompt given by Makhluk Seni. What are you grateful for ?
Take my time
Hear my heart beat
And breathe slowly
Notice my tension released
Knowing I have found peace
You are my security
Offering advice on repeat
Unwavering and sublime.
- Swit Marie
0533H 17th April 2018
Taman Bahagia

NaPoWriMo: Crash Landing

This prompt was taken from Makhluk Seni for #NaPoWrimo2018 Day 9 Like Falling into the sky.
If I was an astronaut
drifting in space
I have lost my tether line
My saving grace
Left cold with no gravity
No way to save me
in this case.
I would let the stars
envelope me like a blanket
Savour their warmth and light
Sleep on meteorites
and hold on for dear life
Hope that this lucky chunk
would bring me back to Earth.
The atmosphere would burn
strip my pride away
The clouds would pass
Sweep away the decay
Leave me with just skin and bone
For all to see in the bright of day.
My fingers reach out toward the comets
I remember the times when I was wild
A light breeze lifts my arms
I soar and indulge for a while
I land, my toes grasp the grass
The security makes me smile.
Deep down I know this is home
Land is where I belong
It took falling from the sky
to make me realise
all this time I was wrong
All this time, you stayed
You were right all along.
- Swit Marie
0032H 10th April 2018
Taman Bahagia