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Hold Me.

From the day you and I wrapped our arms around each other and hugged for the first time, something changed. We both discovered a place of comfort and security, a placesdidn't want to leave and a place that we now call home.
Three... two... one ...
I close my eyes As my eye lashes slowly descend to touch the base of my eyelids to rest My head is absorbed by the cushion that is your chest.
Inhaling the alluring scent that lingers on you Sinking and drifting, lost in your atmosphere, I settle my weight into your space I find solace in this sacred embrace.
Capturing this very moment Immortalising the very sensation that my muscles experience The sense of security and comfort Every curve and bend of your body Hoping that not a drop of this memory is lost Letting my guard down at all cost.
Accepting that this is where I belong Unable to imagine myself without your touch Living without this safety net Venturing without this hold that I now call home. This I now know for sure.
You are... …

Not My Valentine

Valentine's Day had just passed and socialmedia was flooded with all kinds of events, promos, picturesandappreciations. To me, every day should be celebrated between you and your partner or the people to share your life with. What is Valentine's to you? May it be more than just the material things. This is dedicated to those who can't or don't celebrate Valentine's.
It's not about the flowers;
Expensive gifts; fancy dinners,
Or dates on tinder.
It's about the life you live
with one another,
The sacrifices
you made together,
The future you wish
To build for each other.
It is holding her hand
Picking him up
Helping him stand
Watching her smile
Just for a while.
It is everyday you give
Every time you live
Willing to be your best
Even when you are a mess
And finding rest
At peace knowing...
This is home. This is you and I.
This is what it is.
-Swit Marie 02:42H 16th February 2017 Bangsar HQ

SY: Roses Are Rey

For today's Challenge Tuesday, I took up the challenge of writing a Star Wars themed Valentine's Day poem.
In a galaxy far, far away,
Lived was a young lass
By the name of Rey
Who never had the best.
She ventured and roamed
The empty lands of Jakku
In search for a home,
With her Hellhound Two.
You could say it was fate
Or that the Force was strong with her
That led her through Maz' s gate,
To a place where many gather.
Stumbled upon a saber
That belonged to a sky walker
Destined by her forefathers
Or just stories of a day dreamer.
She gazed at this unfolding saga,
A growing union with the light
With the support of Chewbacca,
She learned to love and fight.
-Swit Marie 1030am 14th February 2017 Stadium Arena

Rendezvous in Dreamland

You came to meet me in dream land again and I loved every moment we had from start till end. Though it was brief, I felt we belonged. Inspires after reading Jack Malik'sDreamland piece.
Close your eyes and sleep away
Away into your dreams and stay
Stay within those clouds
Clouds of dreams away from shadow shrouds.
Walk with me
Fingers clasped softly,
Hand in hand
Beside you I will stand.
Along pavements of comfort,
We stroll without effort
Settling into every step we take
Considering everything we have a stake.
I reach for you a little more
Carefully along the lines of your core
You look at me and said,
"Remember the promise you made?"
I nod my chin lightly
The corners of my lips lift slightly
Take a peek at your face
As my feet step in place.
Hold my breath as I wait for your reply
Unsure if your words will make me cry
All you do is let out a sigh
Left my thoughts to wonder why.
My eyes now open wide
Awake because it is bright outside
Unable to leave the daze I am in

Do Not Look At Me

This was an interesting one, I tried to use a stronger voice for this piece and have a realistic point of view to express the theme. Thank you Mama Lia for the life lessons and poetic practices. Theme: Do not look at me.
Do not look at me... I am not a heroine Neither pure or evil Do not look at me I am not an example for the youth to look up to Do not look at me.
I am not a trophy A has-been of yesteryear Purely rusted iron on the inside I am merely gold plated Never make me your aspiration I have lost my lustre and shine Do not look at me.
Do not put generations in my hands to hold Do not make me lead or follow It will be catastrophic like the blind leading the blind Do not look at me.
I am your pillar no longer, The foundations below me have gone to shambles I am breaking and disintegrating No support for you to lean on, I am not the roof over your head Do not look at me.
Do not look at me.
- Swit Marie 21:35H 29th August 2016 Mt. Olympus HQ