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Post You

Thoughts about my past break ups have been flooding my head recently, I needed to write to find some form of release and wanted to go back to my roots of rhyming. I would say that I have no regrets but there are days when your gut is filled by distasteful memories that needs to be regurgitated.
It is now AM 12:34
There you are standing at the door
Walking away because you could take no more
This is the last of me that you will endure
Here I am once again
Unable to pick myself up from the floor
Questioning what I have left in my core
Unsure of what the future has in store
In a dilemma of why I did all this for.
Maybe I should put that down payment
on that flight that I saw
Flee to another continent and go on tour
There is so much out there I have yet to explore
or just run across the Causeway to Singapore
Experience a new sunrise on a new shore.
I know I am not the person you knew from before
I used to be calm and collected
Doing everything by the law
No dirt on my window or clog in my…

My Cadbury

For July's Spill The Ink Workshop, Melizarani gave us pointers on what makes a good slam poem. One of the assignments was to pick an item in your bag, write 10 lines to introduce yourself based on the item. Rearrange the sentences in priority and decide the tone of the poem. The item I chose to write about was a bar of Cadbury chocolate.
Sharing unearths our favourite memories
of sweetness and comfort
Our inner childhood desire
for pure innocence and pleasure;
Pleasant and demure.
Breaking through the royal purple sheets
The disguises and masks we put on every day
Looking at the cracks and creases patched up by gold
Irresistible from its centre through and through
A symbol of richness for the poor.
- Swit Marie
0328H  24th July 2018
Taman Bahagia

Homing Device

Going back to rhyming is really challenging and fun. I was given a prompt to write about my creepy stalker tendencies. Any similarities and familiarity is purely coincidental and may or may not be based on a true story.
It started with attraction
Someone caught the attention
of Creeper McCreeperson
Each hour of the day
turned into obsession
An uncontrollable compulsion
To gain information
To track every mention
To know what was fiction
To feed his addiction
Create an illusion
as a quick diversion
Instead of a conclusion.
Weirdest LeStrange
Watching everything
Every step he is walking
Every conversation he is talking
Recording all his mocking
and the clicks
of when his jaw is locking
Counted every pill that he is popping
All the rapping
when dope beats are dropping
All of his phone lines
she has done tapping
Every time he has laughed clapping.
Come one day he watched her
She was manic looking for a cure
He still found her with much allure
She was in a place so obscure
filled with fine …


I wrote this on a whim after spending some time with a new buddy of mine and challenged myself to incorporate some Australian slangs that I have picked up from Kudos. #giveKudos
In a puff of smoke
Your face appears
In between layers
of grape
and mint
Sitting upright
Under a bright shining moon
It will be 1am soon.
The breeze blows against your skin
Stirring up the most curious scent
A sense of belonging
A sense of yearning.
The most fluorescent blue eyes
Weaved with emeralds
Pierce through
the space in between molecules
A gaze that meets mine
Right down the middle.
Your words paved in print
Tunes meddle with beats
There is where your art comes alive
It's hectic!
You preach.
We're not here to f*ck spiders! You teach.
Scaarn on!
You reach.
Your microexpression
Of utmost chill
mixed with complete
Owning it
Your compliments
Should compliment you.
Poker face turns to light
Joy behind three cards
Playing sh*thead
In your little caps and fitting hats
You look mighty fine


A poem written using the imagination to sketch out how you would look like in the near future. If only these words could sketch out how you look like to me since my own artistic skills fail me. Bon Anniversaire Sylvain PelĂ©

A sketch of mid summer night's dream
Slender curves that penciled a silhouette
Shading it in the subtle dim light
Warmth nestled in the soft grandiant shadows
Faint feathery highlights peeked
where the illuminated glow touched skin.
Lean extensions of reality
Stretching across broadly
From finger tip to finger tips
Lines drawn from the nape down the spine
A smooth descend
Like trickling droplets of dew
Flowing down an ascending vine.
Intensity accompanies
every flexion of the imagination
Indentations like coves
carefully carved by the sea
Some greater than others
Some hidden away by mangroves
Amphitrite rests on her throne
Satisfied, she admires her creation.
- Swit Marie
0413H 9th March 2018
Bahagia HQ