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Nomadic Suitcase

As a part of 'Art For Grabs' last December 2017, Speak City Asia curated the opening ceremony with 'Poetically Correct: Dirty Laundry/Laundry List' Edition. I am thankful to be a part of the line up and was quite nervous, I faced my fears with the motivation that I had to performed in front of my mother for the first time. She is my endless support and comfort zone. It has been four years since I returned from Russia, I still feel unsettled and somewhat nomadic.
I have tried to unpack my suitcase
time and time again
Season after season
Year after year.
A part of me yearns to hang pictures on walls
Pictures of memories with friends and families Those whom call me: daughter or sister Decadant people with whom I crossed paths with over a decade
Sweet delightful meals shared in various rooms as the sun sets.
I would like to place knick knacks on the shelves
Each tell a story of the phases of my life
Every corner turned
Every stone I stumbled over
Every chip that knicked my…