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This was written for a friend who just lost someone very dear recently. It's just the start of 2019 but then again, time is somewhat relative and it is just a marker. I hope that eventually we all find closure and peace for the people we have said goodbye to. They may not be in our sights anymore but their absence will make our hearts grow fonder of them as we keep their memories alive in our minds and continue their legacy.
Tonight will be the hardest night,
When your heart and thoughts won't be alright,
Hold on tight to the strength and light,
That you have inside that is bright.

Don't push back the sorrow
Or hide in the deep, dark burrow
You will have more steadiness to face tomorrow
And soon hope and peace will follow.

- Swit Marie
0113H 18th January 2019

Genuine Lives

At the end of last year, I was chanced to meet a very special person at a party that I almost didn't make it to as I arrived after everything was over. I met random people while trying to confirm plans and he was one of the people I was introduced to. There was something magnetic about him, maybe it was his demeanour or the way he carried himself. Recently, I had the utmost pleasure of spending some time with him and our conversations sparked some inspiration for me to write this year.

In retrospect
That night was not an honest mistake
In reality
That moment was an honest chance
In regards
That the weeks that followed after were an honest surprise.

Rewind to the times when
We wanted a moment to be real
To be moved by convictions
To feel like we found a place to belong
We wanted to come back for our nation.

Reality hits you in waves
When realisation comes and opens your hearts to feel for the generations
Realising that we are the hands to mould change
That we are the feet to walk d…


This piece was written out of a conversation my friend and I had recently about how infatuation and genuine human connection can alter the way we feel, how we treat people and perceive ourselves. We spoke about the synergy that flows in the interaction between each party and the ease in being present with the other person.

River of Stolkholm
Take my hand and plough me through the wane and ride of the valleys of the shadows
Call to me with your current and flow
Make my insides call to you to make me whole
Stir up the desired lust for your clarity
To shine your crystal light unto my path
Re-imagine and redefine my curves and ways to match yours in response to your love.

- Swit Marie
0951H 12th January 2019
Ang Mo Kio

Second That

I wrote this in the form of the different thoughts I had recently when I let go of some things in my past. I discarded all the poems my ex wrote for me along with the lies and thoughts that were attached to it. I have come to realise that I overvalue people and tend to give more than they deserve. I also found out in the past year who are the ones who are more deserving of my time, love and effort and who I should not invest more in anymore.

Thought: I held on to it because I didn't want to forget how much a person could love me and the extent that I could give of myself in devotion to that person.

Thought: I was afraid of losing that part of me, that ability to be entirely selfless and to feel unconditionally loved and accepted by someone else.

Truth: I realise that I have outgrown these experiences and if I were to love someone to that capacity again, it would be even more so as I have grown to be a more whole and stronger person once I have moved past these next 2 years.

Thought: …