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I wrote this spoken word piece for the October Walls show as a part of Mental Health Awareness month. Hoping that this will help those going through a hard time find comfort and peace in the midst of their struggles. Stop, drop and roll is the step you need to put out the flames when you catch fire.
Stop drop and roll
the dice of stolen time
These dots of missing odds
Doubled by the unpredictable chance
When falling is a must but landing on the right numbers is always a gamble
The is no right answer
for the mind tricks we play on a dime.
The consequence is more than we can handle.

Stop, drop and roll
Down this hill recklessly
When you have lost control
Tumbling down rapidly
Down a cascade
Chaffed by barricades
Scratched by sticks
Scabbed by stone
Caught by your own broken bones.

Stop, drop and roll
Out the list of things you found
Uneasy about your soul
The things that bind the soles of your feet
keeping them from being planted on the ground.

Stop, drop and roll
into the mud pit of unreasonable thoughts it i…

Lighthouse of Mine

Lighthouses have always had a strong meaning in my life especially when it comes to hope and support. It was the first thing I saw as an image when I had an encounter with God in 2005 and since then, any time I needed to find light, it would always be in a form of a light house. This is written for my close friends who have been there for me especially during my times of brokenness this year.
High - Lighthouse Family

You are a lighthouse,
Standing steadfast and tall
Not because you are above all
But a beacon of hope above the walls.

Your light is always shining
Seen from yards away
A call resounding
Unwavered by the waves that sway.

Guiding our way back to shore
You are always there
Through the harsh and fair
You light up my life with care.

- Swit Marie
2052H 15th October 2018

Grumpy Bear

After writing a multi, Kudos got me to write 16 bars using Pete Rock's Smooth Sailing beat. We were talking about how we are really grumpy people when we are sick and I tried writing about it.

It's okay to be a sick grumpy boy
It's a frumpy ploy in a way
It's a new day for you to be coy
Drinking latte soy from an empty tray
Don't be gray like Ruski Tolstoy
Be a legendary Geroi (hero) this very day
All you wanna say with happy joy
Is that you're a free boy and you're a okay
Go away with the hay
fever can't stay coz it's not the month of May
Go out and play, tossing frisbee ahoy
Not pirated toys for Saturday
In bed you stay feeding hungry Koi
Sickboi ready to annoy Instagram today
But it's okay to be sick grumpy boy
Because I enjoy to love you anyway.

- Swit Marie
6th October 2018


Intimacy can be in different ways, aside from the physical sense, there is the space for emotional vulnerability and the chance to share the same wavelength and experiences. I was exploring how I would express my desire for intimacy with a person, trying to expand the way I could describe the feeling in that moment when that was all that I wanted.
I want a moment
Of intimacy
Of honesty
And transparency
Being there as I am
No facades
No masks
No antics
No curtains to hide behind
My heart beating
With uncertainty
Is it enough to just be?

No linen between us
Your skin feels like congee garnished with shredded scallops
My curves fit in your lines
I carefully allow myself to sink in
Letting your freckles kiss my moles

You place my palm on your sternum
Helping my breath rise with yours
Slowly exhaling and being present
Your warmth welcomes me
To stay and be.

- Swit Marie
1033H 20th September 2018
Safe Space


At the end of September, I was really having a very difficult time with myself, I felt very overwhelmed by the things I had lines up in next two months and also questioning where I am in term of progress as I was crossing the 30 year mark. In the midst of all of that, I have found myself in people, people who have become very dear and near to me and it is because of them, I choose to continue living and getting better at life.

If one day
I would wake up
To discover that the world
has come to an end
I will search high and low
Just to make sure
you are still standing there
Just to make sure
you are still breathing
Just to make sure
you still exist in this world
In this still fraction
of my current reality
You mean the world to me.

- Swit Marie
1618H 23rd August 2018