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Hour Glass V2.0

There are two versions of this piece. I initially wrote it with the intent to extend but during Bill Moran's workshop organised by Spill The Ink at Twenty20Two, I decided to use this piece to 'litter'. He taught us about making the poem a dream space and using the poem to transport us through a space and how we relate to space in the poem.
Fine time grounded porcelain time timetime powder weaving time across time and time again through shallow time channels of dry dessert land, crackles time and shattered t i m e with t... i... m... e... dense solid clay, timeunbreakabletime, unmovable timetime time timetimetime unwilling to shift TIME. Above time and time beyond the horizon is t-t-t-time ti-me time TIME TIME TIME a massive intense thunder storm arising time and t - i - m - e spreads across the landscape. TIME roars fiercely but time is not threatening but soft time drizzling appears at first time then time turns into pouring time drowning time rain time time time time tim…


After more than a month of hiatus. I tried to write what was meant for #Malaysiathrowsherselfabirthdayparty show for Rasa Sayang during this Merdeka and Malaysia Month.Negaraku
Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Darahku seperti dakwat merah
Menitis ke atas kertas sejarah
yang tak dibaca.Mencemarkan dan mencerahkan
Kejadian zaman dahulu
sehingga sekarang
Mengajar and menyerah
Ilmu dan ilham kepada orang.Jalur gemilang menjadi barisan
Yang memisahkan kawasan,
menjadi batasan
Di antara utara ke selatan
Memutus talian warisan.Di mana perpaduan dan keamanan
Dipaksakan melalui program
Di mana beban rakyat diundurkan
Kasih sayang dilupakan
Dan moral perlu diajarkan.Air mataku menitis ke atas
Hatiku yang rindu
Akan sebuah negara
Yang boleh membangkit semula
Untuk menjadi negaraku.- Swit Marie
10 September 2017
Quill City Mall

Hour Glass V1.0

This piece derives from an image that I got during worship a few Sunday's ago about the condition my life in relation to my problem with depression and anxiety. During the workshop with Bill Moran, I turned used this image for the exercise where we needed to place words in spaces, using time as a erosion, Links to the workshop and more information can be found here.
Finegrounded porcelain powder weaving across and through shallow channels of dry dessert land, crackled and shattered with dense solid clay, unbreakable, unmovable unwilling to shift. Above and  beyond the horizon is a massive intense thunder storm arising and spreads across the landscape. It roars fiercely but is not threatening but soft drizzling appears at first then turns into pouring drowning rainnursing the land like tears wetting dry course lips that has been thirsty for taste and life.

Seeds in the ground submerge by sorrow, hurt. Not new seeds but dormant seeds with reviving residue of hope and faith. Taking a…