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Act and It Scheme

Kudos continuing his education on writing raps. This assignment was on rhyme schemes.  Working with the ABBA scheme and working it on to the same Pete Rock beat. Welcome back you legend, I will be working more on raps with ya!
Look at your pact / back at what you did /
Where you fit / up in the stack /
In the rack / in your kit / I the beat / in the week /
In the pit / of what you pack /
Don't you talk smack / save yourself some wit /
Or have a broom stick / to whack your back /
And now you retract / pick up that bit /
Leave tat for tit / you gotta talk with tact /
Where you lack / there is where you sit /
In the grit / of the ship where you shuffle your deck /
It's a shipwreck / in this skit /
When a kid wins the bid / and takes away your snack /
Crazy little Jack / Found a trick /
To kick Morty' s Rick / in the sack /
Tell me who the heck / would benefit /
Of this sick / kinda gag
But in fact / we all pick /
and react /at the weak /
Like we are sick / lit and legit / To a…


Recently a very dear friend of mine lost a very close family member. I was feeling a lot of grief with him in my own space and wanted to write something that could help ease the pain and the loss. Even though their presence is not physically here on Earth anymore, they are still present, as a part of the air that we breath and the soil that our feet touch, in the memories that we have and the legacy that they have left behind.
It is dawn Light rises above the line of twilight The edges turn brighter and brighter with a glaring orange glow on the line of sea Specks float scattered on its surface Ashes of our beloved Glimmering in splendour.
Each speckle sparks a burst of memories of different intensities Some sparkling more with the refracting of the sunrise.
As we reminisce through the chapters that were written Our emotions stirs with the currents move with the waves merges with salt of the sea This new day is laced with his voice.
Our thoughts and his sound sink down in our core It …

Conditions For a Saint

It's Valentine's Day season and there is a ongoing writing prompt campaign by Makhluk Seni. If I were to love unconditionally, this would be the conditions to how I love. I hope that I would be able to love someone with this capacity again as there is so much my heart is ready to give.
This Valentine's
I would like to love
Love you like there is no tomorrow
Love you like tomorrow is today
Love you like today will not end
Love you like the ending is the beginning
Love you like it's the beginning of every journey
Love you like this journey never stops
Love you like stopping is not an option
Love you like options are relative
Love you like relatives love their favourites
Love you like my favourite day dream
Love you like dreams are real
Love you like real time is relative
Love you like thieves desire treasure
Love you like treasure in my heart
Love you like my heart has no limits
Love you like limits mean nothing
Love you like nothing can stop hope
Love you like a new hope is all you need


Some days we need to find the strength to carry on and be strong for the people around us especially during times of crisis, emergency and need. This one is dedicated to all those who are fighting to stay afloat, struggling to hold on and pushing their limits to be the steadfast pillar that their world needs. May we all find the strength in ourselves to keep plodding through our days.
Strength is not about the weights you can lift,
It is the burdens you are able to bear
for as long as you can or need to.

It is an in born gift
that grows with every day you lift
your shoulders
to shoulder the ones you care
for as long as you can or need to.

Strength is being able to lift your head above the rift
To look with hope and faith to restore and repair
for as long as you can or need to.

It is your gift
that turns the weak into the mighty who dare
to keep moving forward
for as long as they can or need to.

- Swit Marie
1713H 18th January 2019