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The Explorer

I wrote this as an ode to a wonderful explorer I met who connected with me in a very unexpected way. He truly is an adventurous soul. Thank you for the dances, the stories and the memories. Joyeux anniversaire Sylvain !
You are a synergy of sorts
Transforming energy
From song to song,
From dance to dance
Translating rhythm into motion
And motion into expression.
The way you soak in every moment
How you take the time to live
The way you steer with the flow
Allowing connections to form
Perceiving the stimuli around you
Allowing yourself to absorb.
Your lips speak of humble things
Simple exclamations
Of pure satisfaction
Pursed with the indulgence
Of the sweeter things in life.
The freckles on your skin
Map out every place you have ever been
Every wrinkle
Is every line from a story
From the days you lived
And the hours you spent living.
You are alive
And living things should never be limited
You let it grow
Let it explore
It never stops
Never stays the same The journey continues.
Picking …

Behind the Scene: View Points

This blogpost is a behind the scenes thought process of how the 'View Points' piece and performance came about. It is The MurukuMurmurations 2nd year Anniversary, 23892 views on the blog and 400 likes on Facebook! Much thanks and appreciation is due and this is probably the best way/place to start.
This piece came about as I was trying to write something new for the slot I signed up for If Walls Could Talk Vol. 36 this July. It is a rare opportunity for me to be given a chance to perform twice in a month and I am tremendously thankful for it. My first performance was the Rather Spectacular! Showcase which was a result of the So Fab Lah! Workshop conducted by Spill The Ink and facilitated by Scott Sneddon.
For 3-4 hours over the course of four days, we had a rather intensive workshop that produced spectacular results. We learned the Suzuki Theatre Method and had a glimpse into the world of the View Points Method. It is true that this wasn't for everyone but I wanted this fo…

View Points

This piece was written and performed during If Walls Could Talk Vol 36
It was written with aspects of Viewpoints and Physical theatre incorporated in its presentation. It is definitely a piece best watched and I do want to keep molding this piece into something that impacts and breath-taking.
Suzuki says it takes three years for an actor to assimilate his method. In his training in Japan with his Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT), Suzuki attempts to bridge the gap between the style of traditional Japanese Noh and Kabuki and that of modern theater.Jan 23, 1985

Look at this view!
This point of view is amazing!
Look over here! Look over there!
Look to the North and to the South!
Look to the East and to the West!
Look at what's in front and behind you
Look around and now, within you
Close your eyes and see what is in your view.
Point to the bar
Point to the exit
Point to the stage
Point to the lady with beautiful long hair
Point to the man with a muscular physique
Point to the person with a…

Speak Easy

I made a recent getaway to Singapore and wanted to spend some time living and exploring. I sought out this place not by chance but by pure attraction to a night of fond memories and a new found haven. Your trip will not be complete until you visit The Other Room.
A part of this piece was performed at Rather Spectacular! Showcase led by Scotty Wings. He made all this writing possible and has transformed me with his dedication and work. 'Shadows' was performed with Afi Noir, Jack Malik and Dhinesha. It was a liberating experience courtesy of Spill The Ink Poetry Lab and If Walls Could Talk
Here resides the lurking shadows of curiosity
Where the unknown meets the wandering soul
There is nothing more than finesse and character
Carefree and wild is the playful creator.
Sitting in the corner where the corners of her smile meets the crow's feet of her eyes
Her face caressed by the delicate light that shines from the warm fluorescence
Leaving a silhouette of mystery and delight

The Watchman

I tried people watching and caught my eye on an intriguing subject. It was a challenge to stay focused on describing one thing in detail. Thank you #EvilAuntyLia for the exercise.
Subtly your feathery eyelashes flutter through the air like air borne dandelion seeds floating as where ever the breeze takes it.
The slits in your rich chestnut iris reveals a glimpse of your mysterious soul that you keep concealed from the masses.
Clear is your gaze that translates every ounce of thought and emotion that transcends from your mind as it is without hesitation.
Crow's feet creases fold from the angles of your eyes during moments of joy that strike your fancy especially when you are taken by surprise and people touch your heart.
Rowdy and reckless are your eyebrows, without care, taking any shape it pleases lining your eyes with borders when they stray too far.
Your eyes are deeply set like your passion for exploration and always open looking out to every thing that inspires and awakens th…