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Fiery Smile

I have recently been trying to pick up French and learning by picking up phrases to use in my poems. I am amazed by the depth of expression the French language has. Some people say I have an infectious smile, maybe it has the capability to catch fire, maybe.
Tu me fais rire
My smile
releases as easy
as fire
that starts in the depths
of the forest.
Swirling and twirling
Like butterflies dancing
like starlings
in the bright blue sky.
With out judgement. Sweet
Without malice.
Nectar leaks with the morning dew.
It stays
In the gleam of my eyes
Brightening your day
Hoping that
you will stay.
- Swit Marie
0403H 23rd June 2018
Taman Bahagia


I wrote this when I had so much emotions pent up because I was so overwhelmed by Tash Sultana  performance on Tiny Desk by NPR. She is so raw and full of expression, I was left in a ball of messed up emotion I could not untangle.
She left there crying
by the interstate
Slow jams and psy-trance playing
It's calling her.
Calling her to internal
stories yet to be told
It never grows old
She is crying tears of
summer days and wasted spaces
Of memories that can't be erased
It's permanent like
a scarred tattoo
It heals empty.
She's been crying her lungs out
Taking shelter under piers
Away from light
She's been gasping for air like a sick new born
who doesn't even know what breathing feels like.
She's been scrapping words from the ceiling of her mouth
Hard and sharp
They don't calm her down
She can't comprehend her thoughts
She been running down her shadows
Gunning down her stilettos
Screaming out her demons
Playing those scenes over and over again.

There You Were.

It wasn't by chance that we met. I am grateful for meeting such a wonderful person. Since meeting him, we have shared very unique and exciting memories. It's a wonderful start to a beautiful friendship!
The day was heated like a barbeque pit
Waiting to grill assorted meats
I remember walking down that street
Slightly nervous,
distracted and scatter brained
Rushing for a dinner we would all be at
I was thrown off when I bumped into people midway
I arrived at the bustling rattling lot
pacing outside closed shutters
Look all around because my eyes couldn't focus
My pale face was sweating worries and uncertainty
I saw you standing there, waiting
Your alluring blue eyes wondering
I didn't know if I should smile
It's been a while since I spoke to random strangers on the sidewalk
I was unsure if I should greet you
I decided not to be a creep
You had no qualm
Laid back and collected
I didn't realise who you were
Soon a familiar face came up to you
Your arms stretched o…


This piece was written from a place when home was not a safe place. It was during a time when I was at the peak of one of my relapses and the only thing I could do to protect myself was to leave home.
Home doesn't feel like home
It doesn't feel like my own
Conflict with no resolve
With harsh and angry tones
Shaking fear straight to the bone
No space, room or place
To grow up in grace.
It never felt safe
Even though we did behave
Constantly in tension
Involving the wrong kind
Of attention
Towards every action
And opinion
Living under his dominion
And regulations.
It wasn't safe for the mind
Paranoia lurks from behind
In every corner
You will find
Skeletons and monsters
Having night terrors
About every error
No dreams of something better.
Everything had to be a certain way
From the start of the day
To everything hat we say
Not too loud or too bright
I always had to be plain
Being myself never felt right
I kept my lips shut tight.
Every part under scrutiny
Every outsider beca…

Reminiscing Memories

This piece was originally written in Malay, then translated to English, French and Russian . It is about a beautiful person and connection I encountered on last year. I had massive amounts of help from good friends of mine, Sylvain, Adelie and Eve. This piece was performed at If Walls Could Talk's 3rd Anniversary.
I miss you thousands of times
Listening to your soothing voice
whispering in my ear from afar
Reminiscing by the seaside
Longing for you.
Melihat mukamu berkelip
di antara bintang-bintang
di langit malam sunyi
Hatimu berdebar seperti gelombang laut
membasah pasir pantai.

Сладкие мимолетные воспоминания
Твоё лицо нарисовано на моей ладони
питает медленно в мою улыбку.

La lampe de mon inspiration
gardée dans les plis de ma robe
avec nos secrets du passé.

Tu me manques des millier de fois
J’ecoute ton apaisante voix
murmurer de si loin au creux de mon oreille
Réminisçant au bord de la mer
Languissant pour toi.

I gaze at your face flickering amongst the stars in the quiet night