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This piece is a remix of a poem that my friend wrote. I was showing him an example of how people can edit and create poems from existing poems and the possibilities of the different style to collaborate. I maintained rhyming as in the poem to relate it back to the original as much as I could. It definitely turned out to have a very different outcome and emotion to it as we both have different takes of when we read the original piece. The original piece was written by Nicholas.
At day break
Right where the sun beams wake
By the lake
where palms cup the first breaths of my vitality
This is the beginning of legacy.

The skies change its tone
as swallows sweep
as kites soar
Dancing with winds blown
as rain pours
as I weep
over the things I have outgrown.

As my youth slipped through the cracks
Like an hourglass tipping over
The grains of sand lose track
within its own gradients covered
in the multitudes of a thousand folds
Quicker as the angle grows steeper.

Falling with gravity
is inevitable
The truth about my…