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Missing Puzzle Piece

Prompts from Makhluk Seni for WELP, a movement to 'weaponise' love in all forms of expression. Prompts were released throughout the month of February for writers to submit any short form of writing.

I was struggling the past few days on how much trust and dependency do I put on my friends when it comes to support. Recently I have started losing friends in a sense that they are the ones who do not value me, my time or my presence and I have taken the shift to not prioritise them any more. It is still a burden to have expectations.

Prompt 8
: The weight of trust is...
Is trust heavy for you, do you find yourself difficult to give your trust to someone? Or is the weight of your trust light as a feather, and do you give it to someone easily?⠀

Think back. Measure its weight. Tell us in a short piece.


My default is to always mould to fit
my function and purpose
As if this puzzle piece is a shape-shifter
that becomes the perfect solutions
for every circumstance and situation


Attack Rap

For my third lesson with Kudos, he got me working with flow. I learned how to identify the pattern of the flow, break it down to the syllables and then trying to write my own rap to utilise that flow. After writing, you realise very quickly what works and what doesn't in respects to the flow of your tongue, the types of sound transitions and also what your mouth can and cannot do.
You are looking back / Everything is turning to whack
What you have has now been hijacked / without time for you to react
You are left with a small backpack / Heart beat steady like a boom bap
Seconds later panic attacks / Breathing breaks that is not intact
Acid in your tract / Heart racing mad down a speed trap
Brain and body losing contact / Chaos rising, fading to black.

- Swit Marie
1430H 1st November 2018
Kudos Crib

Art To Joy

Prompts from Makhluk Seni for WELP, a movement to 'weaponise' love in all forms of expression. Prompts were released throughout the month of February for writers to submit any short form of writing.
I wrote this piece as i was pondering about where I am now in relation to my perspective of myself. Love is a powerful method that can change lives from within.
Prompt 2: Let;s go somewhere

Love is an adventure that will take either us either to edges our our imagination or to the nearest grocery store. Share with us where love has brought you.

I don't recognise this space
The walls are colours of grace
Swinging lanterns back in place
Chandeliers made of lace
What you have done is taken my heart
and left in place a spark
From chambers that were dark
Now filled with works of art.

- Swit Marie
0535H 26th February 2019

Sakura Storm

The other day I wrote a poem inspired by cherry blossoms and the rainy weather as that was the image I had in my head when I was reflecting on my current situation and mental state. I wrote the piece without knowing about this movie/animation and came across it when I was scrolling through the movies that recently premiered in our local cinemas. I read the synopsis and decided to go watch it the next day. I was shocked to find that the theme of the movie revolved around cherry blossoms as the protagonist's name is 'Sakura', seasons, especially spring, the tribulations of life like going through a storm and the end sequence was an exact depiction of what I had in my head as I wrote this piece.

It is a beautiful story about friendship, genuine human relations, connections in between different people, how we value them and reflect their value in our every day interactions. The progression fluctuates in intensities and there is a lot of breathing room to just stay in the moment…