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I was at No Black Tie for John Dip SilasNewSound live performance featuring Tasha Aleia. I closed my eyes and let the jazzy tunes take me away, allowing words to flow with the melody.
Let me paint
Lazy streaks of purple seeping through the pastel blue
Crimson red dancing with blood orange
Soft lace of white layering lush rich emerald green
Tinge of magenta melting with fuchsia
And velvet black speckled with shadows of gray.
Close my eyes and touch
The shade of mood
The stroke of emotion
The curves and the way the brushes sway
How the canvas sticks to tales
Forever binding itself as one.
Soaking up every ounce
Letting the colours seep deep
Lightly indenting its every taste
Caress with every touch
Feel the texture of grain and thread.
Never listen
thinking you already know
what is happening and
listen to the story.
Let the story whisper
e v e r y s y l l a b l e
V-v-v-v-vibrate your ear drums
Fill your mind
Between the s p a c e s
Sink in and understand.
See beyond the person

Think Love

What comes to mind when you think of love? I tried to do a bit of homework after Melizarani T. Selva's and Bill Moran'sworkshop (by Spill The Ink) on the use of repetitions and challenging myself to write a 'love poem' again.
Love has got me thinking
that life is as precious as loss
that lost time is precious
that ignorance is not bliss but the absence of knowing life if life looked like something,
it would look like the look you have on your face right now.
Love has got me thinking
about dreams and ambitions
when passion meets opposition
when exceptions is the limitation
when dreams turn into expectation
then we get honest reactions.
Love has got me thinking
Beyond chemical reactions and rash decision
when one erection becomes a rash
and a rash reaction turns into cash
When cash is the transaction
for your devotion
and value is merely an illusion.
Love has
Love was
Love is
Love will be
Love can be Rational
Unconditional Playful

Happy Diwali

Warmest Deepavali wishes to all who are celebrating and have a splendid time with loved ones. What is Deepavali without some Murukku and what is Murukku without Deepavali.
Idhayam kanindha iniya
Deepavaali Nalvazhthukkal

From the depths of our hearts
To the hills covered with lights
From kitchens overflowing with aromatic dhal
And dishes of different vegetarian delights
From the city skies shining bright
To our grandparents' houses lighted up tonight Sipping chai and chattering
Adorning new sarees and lenghas
Sitting down and sharing murukku
Having meals together with smiles and ladu
Warmest wishes from near and far
May the light shine blessings upon you.
- Swit Marie 0300H18 October 2017 Bahagia HQ


After attending a couple of workshops, I wanted to write a piece that incorporated the elements that I have learned and present a 'homework' piece as a tribute to my heroes in poetry. As this month is Mental Health Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and recently Day of The Girl, I had those themes in mind for this piece. Pending is a tribute piece to the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, for now, this is what I can muster out in the mean time.
Special thanks to Umar Abdul Azizi from Makhluk Seni for the impromptu accompaniment using the 'Seruling'. He is wonderful, honest and the punniest person I have ever met, so eager and hardworking in creating spaces for artist to experiment and collaborate. I am humbled to have him do this performance with me at 'If Walls Could Talk' Vol. 40 featuring Pooja Nansi and Crinkle Cut.
This piece is dedicated to: My mother who has supported me through my battle with Depression and Anxiety My late grandmother who i…

Doctor, doctor...

This piece was written when I was having one of my post-traumatic episodes and my mind was flooded with fear and anxiety. This is the side of medicine that most of you do not see and what makes or breaks a person.
I dedicate this piece to all those in the medical profession who have lost their lives and soul in the line of battle to save someone else's life.
For National Doctor's Day tomorrow and Mental Health Awareness Month

Mr. ABC is a 45 year old gentleman with underlying co-morbids.
Admitted for a coronary related disease because of his non-compliance to his diet of reduced lipids.
Erm... Yes... No... I mean I don't know… But… Because...
What? The... I… So…
So... So What?!
Only 10cc! How is that enough?! Take 20cc can’t get, poke the ARTERY!
Why so slow? What's wrong with you? That also you don't know?
Comments and shouts smack repeated to the back of my head.
Smack... smack... smack... smack... smack... smack...
Till I unna…

Red Square

This piece was written during a workshop taught by Melizarani T. Selva, a person who told me that I should be 'workshop-ed' and who better to learn from than the woman herself. She taught me how to write myself into a poem, how to allow people to access me via my poetry but also keeping parts of me that are vulnerable in a safe space. We were given the privilege to use The Violet Flame, Kuala Lumpur where Lupe Parada's beautiful works were on display.
Prompt: In write 14 lines, write about a specific moment in time when you felt the most sincere form of love with this person, be specific about how this person makes you feel and it is a moment that was experienced by you and only you. Describe that moment, expand that moment, use sentences of different lengths.
In the midst of winter,
7-ого Января (Sedmova Yanvarya) On 7th of January in the centre of красная площадь (Krasnaya ploshad - Red Square) The people wish, "С днём Рождеством" (S dyom Rozhdestvom)
Merry Chris…