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Young Curios

I spent most nights of the end of 2017 unable to sleep and pondered about love, fate, chance, uncertainty and how my life could have been different if he had stayed. It is a void when dreams don't come true and the reality I live is truth. This piece was given its title when I contributed this to the Speak City Asia newsletter called 'Tiny Walls'.
Take me now on a stroll
down memory lane
As the sun begins its descend
I find you
standing there in plain sight
Along the horizon of light and shadows
where your silhouette is marked
In opulent angles
The arches of your brow
Touches your high cheekbones
Lifting your charming smile
Deepening those cheeky dimples
A carpet along your sleek jawline
defining your edges.
Your face looks like it has seen much
Like the moon that is still visible
Pale translucent blue in the afternoon
Still present despite the sun already luminating the bright sky
Still whistling softly among the swallows that fly
Nestled by the pillows of cloud
You wait p…