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I wrote this after I found out my ex got married to the girl he was with when he cheated. She contacted me multiple times and I did not want to have anything to do with them. I dodge a bullet and she is his now. This is me letting go of everything that had happened from the start till the end.
I was tied up with you
My heart wrapped tightly
like a ball of yarn
Blinded to see
that I was your prisoner.
You strung me along
let your ends loose
Then left me behind
Stale and lifeless.
I was frayed;
I spent twice as long
Trying to weave together
what was broken
Back tracking to
where my strings started
Not knowing how
to the get the ball rolling
So afraid of getting twisted.
I watched you play
on another's heart strings
Letting her tug at you
Like flying a kite
I had knots in my stomach.
When you tied the knot
My heart struck a cord
I am not hung up on you
Not any more
My life isn't a tightrope like before
I had cut you off
No strings attached
I was…


A piece about a dream I had about a year ago, still fresh in my memory. Times passes quite quickly, who knows, we may meet again really soon.
My head sinks into the curves of your shoulder girdle
Your arms blanket my torso
My palm resting on your heart
Your chest raises into mine
Our hearts alternating beats
Every pulse quakes my wrist.
You beard rustle over my forehead
Fingers running through my fridge
My lashes brushes against your chest
Fingertips lightly grazing my lips
Your breath whispers rhythmically into my ears
My eyes fall asleep in your assurance
eyes closed in your gaze
Your cologne lingers in my hair
Your scent calms my lungs
like Cedarwood on an autumn night.
- Swit Marie
0904H 29th April 2018
Taman Bahagia

Midnight Stroll

One of my favourite things to do back in Russia was to walk down the streets in the middle of the night, especially during autumn and early winter when it just starts to snow. This piece is about revisiting old memories with new people in mind.
Walking on the streets
Dead of night
Snowflakes falling
right where our eyes meet.
Our focus on one tiny gem
Everything else is an oversight
You and I take our time
Follow through with our line of sight.
this little one take flight
It drifts
and so do we Till our eyes see
hazel, burgundy
with a hint of caramel.
Reflection of street lights
Dimly flickering
Till the next snowflake
Steals our gaze
we are still wide awake
Walking into our foresight.
- Swit Marie
0453H 3rd May 2018
Taman Bahagia


To my light of inspiration, my firefly that shows up every now and then to give me a glimmer of hope and creativity.
When our eyes meet
They do not wander elsewhere
Your pupils dilate;
Just wide enough to permit one
Your irides welcomes me
Beyond your retinae
Into your memories
We are the only two in the room
Dimly lit
Enough light to see your treasure
Clasped in our hands
Flickering like perched fireflies.
- Swit Marie
0658H 19th May 2018
Taman Bahagia