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This piece is a rooted in stories and pictures about 3 memories that are very close to Dhinesha's heart. It was an exercise from Arielle Cottingham's workshop held by Spill The Ink. I performed this piece for Georgetown Literary Festival's closing ceremony, an open mic session curated by the If Walls Could Talk team.
The assignment:
1. Share stories based on pictures with our partner
2. Freewrite with those stories in mind
3. Extract 5 favourite lines/parts and piece them together
4. Edit the piece and add in motion to represent the words
5. Present the work in progress with the motions and receivecritique.

My critique was:
1. Create a constant circular motion through out the performance
2. Pull out expressions from that pool/universe I have created with my circular motion
3. Stretch and express certain words
4. Play with rhythm and sound

See see see sea See water See breeze See me Sea
The seas par        ted.
See it became hard when you and I parted.
It was hard,
it was hard when I h…