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In West Coast Swing, connection is one of the key concepts of making or breaking the dance. We tend to lose it when we rush and try our best to find it when our space is running out.
Connection. A word so easily defined and understood but difficult to explain. A bond of two separate entities joined at a point that creates a bridge for information to be transferred. A beginning for new developments and possibilities that leads to endless amounts of potential because one foundation is built upon another. A pathway for energy to flow, for transformation to occur between different forms, where modifications and implementations can transpire because there is a medium for it to exist. A channel for conversation to interchange between individuals, cultures, generations and worlds, links in ways best left to the imagination, beyond thoughts, chance and limitations, stretching through multiple facets of humanity. A world that is not quiet, where one person is not the only person and the univer…

Where To Begin

It's a rare moment when something clicks and a very honest raw connection is made. It is something that I treasure very deeply and it becomes very difficult to let go. It's been a month since Asia West Coast Swing Open, all the thrills, lessons, skills and emotions. More dance inspired poetry in the making.
I heard your name from across the room
Uttered by experienced women of the trade
I saw your silhouette glide across the lacquered wood floor
And watched you move your slender body
To the rhythm of a top 40's pop song playing in the background We were amazed by your skill,
Your effortless ability to create gorgeous flow of emotion,
drawing in the crowd with the rhythm
And loving the moment as it went
You came alive as you brought light towards your performance
Your eyes twinkle like the stars in the velvet deep blue night sky.
Your face looked my way
As I spoke of silly things
You saw me shy away from intimidating spins
As I thought that it was all surreal
I found you in…

Cold Nights

This is one of those nights when insomnia is my only company.

Yet another cold, cold night,
Dripping, leaking tap water
Dampening the stale air
Absence of proper banter
Windows sneaking in pale street lights
Freckles of dust dancing without a care.

My eyes compressed so tightly
My chest tightens
like a boa constrictor's grip
While my world sleeps soundly
My mind tossing and turning
Madly as my body remains silent

Every skeletal muscle tense
The disconnect between my body
and mind makes no sense
My disrupted soul begets worry
Flight of thought racing in circuit
My judgement crumbles like biscuits

No warmth from my covers,
Soaked in regret from my past lovers
Wandering lost in list of lust
Endless winding matters
Wondering if I could have turned out better
Instead of aching under layers of rust.

Wringing of my fingers
Trembling in my lips
Tapping of my finger tips
My joints crackling like crisp in the fire
Chilled by the dawn's cool air
And slowly the amber dims.

- Swit Marie 0219H 28th April 2017 Bangsar HQ

Alchemistic Life

We were given an assignment in class to write 8 stanzas with 6 lines each in 40 minutes, we had to push ourselves to avoid cliches and our favourite 'go-to' words. One of my favourites thanks to Mama Lia, #evilauntylia ideas are awesome! Theme: The power of self-belief.

Happy Labour Day, may the fruit of your labour be worthwhile.
Defining and knowing, What is I-dentity? The entities of your being What makes your reality? Words that come out spewing from the depths of spirit, soul and body.
The apothecary off mind street where the 'I am' and 'is to BE' begins, travels and meets, In the darkness where there is no light to see There is still a sense, pulse and heartbeat that brews in alchemy.
Mixture of emotions, Tincture of memories, Shelved trinkets in small portions Wind chimes singing melodies to accompany the mix of concoctions Interactions that LIVE through centuries.
The alchemist must create, Select combinations carefully Precious ingredients, fresh and del…

Sekelip Mata Hilang Suara

The one thing I value most about my work is the lives of my patients. Nothing pains me more than when I see someone's life disappear in a blink of an eye and the family realising the indefinite loss of their loved ones.
Rangka tingkap bergetar-getar dengan
Suara orang ramai
Bila masanya akan sampai.
Nyanyian irama masa silam
Lampu diatasnya semakin menggelap
Lantai dibawahnya semakin sejuk.
Sakit tenat dari senja sampai subur
Bukan sekadar kurang selesa.
Mungkin hayat yang sudah tiba masa Salin baju sendiri tidaknya mampu
Putar belit kata-katanya
Nyaris terjatuh tercekik selimut,
Orang dikelilingnya gelisah menunggu. Tidurnya tidak nyenyak dan lena,
Sejak mulanya penyakit ini.
Terbangun setiap jam
Mimpi-mimpinya yang semua ngeri.
Jirannya menjerit-jerit,
Nampak darahnya menitis dari dahi sampai kaki.
Di depan muka memandang wanita
Yang muda lagi umurnya,
Muda lagi anak-anaknya,
Nampak mukanya semakin lumpur,
Pulang ke moyangnya s…