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SY: San Lin Fai Lok!

NaPoWriMo Challenge Prompt Week 15:
"Today I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that incorporates the idea of doubles. You could incorporate doubling into the form, for example, by writing a poem in couplets. Or you could make doubles the theme of the poem, by writing, for example, about mirrors or twins, or simply things that come in pairs. Or you could double your doubling by incorporating things-that-come-in-twos into both your subject and form."
This poem is written in Cantonese and English. Translations in Mandarin and English is listed at the end of each stanza.Special thanks to my cousin Suzanne for the help with translation.
Inspired by a challenge from famous Hong Kong variety TV show, 'Supertrio' in accordance with the Chinese Lunar New Year.
Gong Hei Fatt Choy!
Choy San Dao!
Dou Chin Em Sai
Sai Dou Dai Lei Sai
Sai Matt Geng
Geng Chou!
Chou Lai Si.
[English translation]                                  [Mandarin translation] Congratulations and make a fortune!恭喜发…

Running In The Rain

It is monsoon season on the west coast of Malaysia and I have been getting caught in the rain for quite a fair bit. The weather can get rather fierce but nothing beats running in the rain.
Tiny water droplets wet my cheeks
as unpredictable gusts of wind
shift my weight in every direction
My outstretched palm feels nothing
but moist wind weaving through my fingers.
My eyes gaze upon the bright sky
Clear flamboyant sea of white
tinged with shades of gray
Clouds rolling madly over each other
melting into a mass as the sky grows darker.
Frantically I run
My heart in palpitations
Cold sweat send chills down my spine
Shudder in my footsteps
My toes confused with misdirection.
Lightning flashes
like the strikes of ferocious titans
enraged by the pleas of the people
Clashing their weapons
in a high tension duel.
Fierce lightning rips the sky apart
Shredding the menacing gray clouds
with streaks of charged bolts
Bright blasts fire across the dark canvas
blinding my eyes for seconds.


Peoplethink that what they see on the social media platform reflects the truth. Think again.
The pictures I get tagged in
are just signs to tell you,
I am alive
But what is happening
The emptiness inside
The bitterness that resides
You would not see it coming.
I put up songs on my wall
instead of status updates
Because my words,
They fail me
They cannot convey
what lyrics and melody can
about my state.
I share random videos
to populate my news feed
All because I cannot deal
with the turmoil that I feel like
an undercurrent of foolishness
In a chaotic rodeo
Every time I scroll,
I think if I should just tap
In the end, there is nothing social
About social media
Because I am still stuck in a medium
of anti-socialism and absent
from topics that are crucial
It is a facade of spectra
To cover up the absence of presence.
- Swit Marie
15:20H 6th December 2016 Bangsar Park


Throughout the whole month of November, we had rain every day. Some days we had massive thunderstorms. Those would be the days when I want to snuggle up in my blanket or go outside and run or dance in the rain. When I cannot do either, I write about the weather.
Rain drops pattering
On steel railings Dripping down window panes
In the background
This keeps me sane.
Steady winds pushing,
A thousand leaves rustling,
Dust and debris in movement,
Swirling madly
Carried by the current.
Scattered streaks of light
Flashing in my sight
Striking fear as it strikes the ground
Shaking and trembling
The earth all around.
Thunder roaring,
The airwaves shuddering
Through the atmosphere
Snapping and lashing
A thunderstorm is here.
- Swit Marie
01:52H 16th November 2016
Bangsar Park

Swit Marie: Opportunity

NaPoWriMo Challenge Prompt Week 14
"Today’s prompt comes to us from TJ Kearney, who invites us to try a seven-line poem called a san san, which means “three three” in Chinese (It’s also a term of art in the game Go). The san san has some things in common with the tritina, including repetition and rhyme. In particular, the san san repeats, three times, each of three terms or images. The seven lines rhyme in the pattern a-b-c-a-b-d-c-d."

Open the door for me
To opportunities I did not foresee
For I did not know the potential I had
As I was used to letting me be
For I did not fight nor flee
My numbness was potent
I was neither happy nor sad
and now you have made me important.

- Swit Marie 1955H 10th January 2017 eGG HQ


I recently had a very disturbing dream about someone close to me disappearing. I had realised that if it became a reality, there is a possibility that he would not be missed. I do not usually push myself to write with very strong emotions, this is a challenging piece to write and in the process, I did do some self-reflection as well.
My presence It would not change a single thing
Seizing to exist No seismic shifts Platonic vibrations still persist
If I were to be or not to be No major alterations Civilisation continues in its Disappointing digression
My footprints are a carbon copy Of everyone else's Left behind along with the other Phantom depressions in the dirt Easily faded by the Earth.
Of every written story I am one of the bystanders In the crowd, Extra! Extra! Read nothing about it.
Gravitating into a black hole Weighing absolutely nothing Practically absent matter
Me leaving will go unnoticed My absence
- Swit Marie
1832H 13rd November 2016

Swit Marie: Adventure

NaPoWriMo Challenge Prompt Week 13 "The number 13 is often considered unlucky, so today I’d like to challenge you to beat the bad luck away with a poem inspired by fortune cookies. You could write a poem made up entirely of statements that predict the future (“You will meet a handsome stranger”), aphoristic statements (“The secret to getting ahead is getting started)” or just silly questions (“How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges?”) Or you could use a phrase you’ve actually received in a real fortune cookie as a title or first line. However you proceed, I hope you will feel fortunate in the results (do you get it? Do you get it? Rimshot, please)."
For this challenge I used quotes for the Lord Of The stings franchise instead of lines from  Fortunecookie for well wished to Paula And Kelvin.
From the day we started walking,
From the day we started talking,
Often we have wondered:
"I am looking for someone
to share an adventure that I am arranging
and it's …

Day and Night

On the 31st of December, the last day of 2016, my dearest friend, Paula joined in union with her beloved, now husband. Their journey together is a very real and rich one, something that should be celebrated and highlighted. I was asked to write a poem regarding marriage, when I look at them, they are as different as night and day but both just as important and complements each other in its own way. I wrote it in mind to go hand in hand with their 'Lord of The Rings.' themed wedding as well.
The first break of daylight
Chasing the land from the horizon
Light invading every space imaginable
Leaving no area untouched by hope and joy.
That is the first rush of infatuation.
Magnificent, encompassing and overpowering
When emotions are riled up and adrenaline courses through every artery and vein
To stir you up to do things you never thought you would in this lifetime.
When the sun sets
That ball of fire is now
cascading down to disappear
Slowly the clouds turn colour