Throughout the whole month of November, we had rain every day. Some days we had massive thunderstorms. Those would be the days when I want to snuggle up in my blanket or go outside and run or dance in the rain. When I cannot do either, I write about the weather.

Rain drops pattering
On steel railings
Dripping down window panes
In the background
This keeps me sane.

Steady winds pushing,
A thousand leaves rustling,
Dust and debris in movement,
Swirling madly
Carried by the current.

Scattered streaks of light
Flashing in my sight
Striking fear as it strikes the ground
Shaking and trembling
The earth all around.

Thunder roaring,
The airwaves shuddering
Through the atmosphere
Snapping and lashing
A thunderstorm is here.

- Swit Marie

01:52H 16th November 2016

Bangsar Park

Swit Marie is a 'Jacqueline of all trades' who loves wearing plaid who thinks in rhyme all the time
A believer in making dreams come true, s
he would love to collaborate with you
An explorer starting fresh and would only give her best
She stands in the gap and will only call it quits when it's a wrap.


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