I recently had a very disturbing dream about someone close to me disappearing. I had realised that if it became a reality, there is a possibility that he would not be missed. I do not usually push myself to write with very strong emotions, this is a challenging piece to write and in the process, I did do some self-reflection as well.


My presence
It would not change a single thing

Seizing to exist
No seismic shifts
Platonic vibrations still persist

If I were to be or not to be
No major alterations
Civilisation continues in its
Disappointing digression

My footprints are a carbon copy
Of everyone else's
Left behind along with the other
Phantom depressions in the dirt
Easily faded by the Earth.

Of every written story
I am one of the bystanders
In the crowd,
Extra! Extra! Read nothing about it.

Gravitating into a black hole
Weighing absolutely nothing
Practically absent matter

Me leaving will go unnoticed
My absence


- Swit Marie

1832H 13rd November 2016

Ante, One Utama

Swit Marie is a 'Jacqueline of all trades' who loves wearing plaid who thinks in rhyme all the time
A believer in making dreams come true, s
he would love to collaborate with you
An explorer starting fresh and would only give her best
She stands in the gap and will only call it quits when it's a wrap.


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