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Housing A Candle

Aside from the light house, I have always related to the light of a candle as myself. 2018 was about defining who I am as a person beyond my function and functionality, rebuilding and finding my light again. I will always be the candle lit in the darkest of days and will have that light in my life no matter how difficult the circumstances. I am also thankful for the lighthouses that are present in my life.

I am a candle In the lighthouse
That small glimmer of faith
A light in the light house never goes off
But if it does
There I will be
There I will stay
There I will last
Till the darkness comes to pass
Till the light of day comes to dusk
Till the we have the strength to muster up courage to live another day
Standing steadfast and tall
For others to see
For others to seek out
For others to seek refuge
and hope during the storm that rages at them and challenges their survival
There will be hat one things that will never fail.

- Swit Marie
0300H 10th December 2018
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Dwelling in The Dark

This year has been very dark for the most of it but not without comfort or some form of light. As 2018 comes to a close, I realised that because we went through so much in 2017, that gave us the resilience to get through 2018 and we are indeed stronger now because of the tribulation that has transpired.

Being accustomed to the darkness required us to be spend extensive amounts of time being in its presence
Knowing the ins and outs of our surroundings in the absence of light
Finding solace and comfort in knowing the breath of our existence is not threatened by the surroundings we are uncertain of
Steadying our hearts when our ears hear sounds that stir up the deepest innate fears that swim around in the lakes of our subconscious
Subduing our imaginations from running amok when our eyes can't see with clarity
Ignoring the enhanced creeping sensations that scurry across your skin that make your hairs stand on end
Visiting this place isn't the same as living in this constant unknown
You w…


It was our 56th official show throughout the course of 3 and a half years. Each person in the Walls team had a chance to speak for one last time during this humble and captivating open mic hosted by The Gaslight Cafe KL. I tried to write a poem and thank all the people that have stepped in and out of my life because of the time we spent together within these walls. With the closure of Gaslight and the ending of Walls, I hope more people will step up and take the mantle in fanning the flame for the community.

I am not very good at saying goodbyes
This is not the time that I will try
These walls have heard our voice
People have laid, jumped, crawled and stood here with poise
This is the place where bystanders become poetry writers
And first timers become organisers
This is a labour of love for the people within these walls
For all of you sitting down and standing tall
I hope that you have experienced love, empathy and comfort
With every word that was spoken and all of our effort.

Its time for all …


As of recent I have been exploring flow and different methods of relaxation. I wrote this piece having flow in my mind and letting the words that come go straight to the paper, somewhat like free writing but keeping it to the theme of a river.

Rivers fall in the sights of man
Never stopping to wait for children
Bearing tide before the ride of the way
Swerving mellow past the contours of age old beliefs
Ringing convulsively in gurgling
Frantic in desires and mourning
Leaving more grievances
Along the crevasses
Mere distance cannot hold back what calls the soul to existence
The flow is inevitable
River fall into the arms of the mother's embrace
Welcomed to join the earthly ways
To be more vast and out reached
Assimilated to the big picture
To be salt with ones salt
Assuming to the current that flow
To be reversed to the sea.

- Swit Marie
1130H 9th December 2018
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