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Housing A Candle

Aside from the light house, I have always related to the light of a candle as myself. 2018 was about defining who I am as a person beyond my function and functionality, rebuilding and finding my light again. I will always be the candle lit in the darkest of days and will have that light in my life no matter how difficult the circumstances. I am also thankful for the lighthouses that are present in my life.

I am a candle In the lighthouse
That small glimmer of faith
A light in the light house never goes off
But if it does
There I will be
There I will stay
There I will last
Till the darkness comes to pass
Till the light of day comes to dusk
Till the we have the strength to muster up courage to live another day
Standing steadfast and tall
For others to see
For others to seek out
For others to seek refuge
and hope during the storm that rages at them and challenges their survival
There will be hat one things that will never fail.

- Swit Marie
0300H 10th December 2018
Books and Bed

Dwelling in The Dark

This year has been very dark for the most of it but not without comfort or some form of light. As 2018 comes to a close, I realised that because we went through so much in 2017, that gave us the resilience to get through 2018 and we are indeed stronger now because of the tribulation that has transpired.

Being accustomed to the darkness required us to be spend extensive amounts of time being in its presence
Knowing the ins and outs of our surroundings in the absence of light
Finding solace and comfort in knowing the breath of our existence is not threatened by the surroundings we are uncertain of
Steadying our hearts when our ears hear sounds that stir up the deepest innate fears that swim around in the lakes of our subconscious
Subduing our imaginations from running amok when our eyes can't see with clarity
Ignoring the enhanced creeping sensations that scurry across your skin that make your hairs stand on end
Visiting this place isn't the same as living in this constant unknown
You w…


It was our 56th official show throughout the course of 3 and a half years. Each person in the Walls team had a chance to speak for one last time during this humble and captivating open mic hosted by The Gaslight Cafe KL. I tried to write a poem and thank all the people that have stepped in and out of my life because of the time we spent together within these walls. With the closure of Gaslight and the ending of Walls, I hope more people will step up and take the mantle in fanning the flame for the community.

I am not very good at saying goodbyes
This is not the time that I will try
These walls have heard our voice
People have laid, jumped, crawled and stood here with poise
This is the place where bystanders become poetry writers
And first timers become organisers
This is a labour of love for the people within these walls
For all of you sitting down and standing tall
I hope that you have experienced love, empathy and comfort
With every word that was spoken and all of our effort.

Its time for all …


As of recent I have been exploring flow and different methods of relaxation. I wrote this piece having flow in my mind and letting the words that come go straight to the paper, somewhat like free writing but keeping it to the theme of a river.

Rivers fall in the sights of man
Never stopping to wait for children
Bearing tide before the ride of the way
Swerving mellow past the contours of age old beliefs
Ringing convulsively in gurgling
Frantic in desires and mourning
Leaving more grievances
Along the crevasses
Mere distance cannot hold back what calls the soul to existence
The flow is inevitable
River fall into the arms of the mother's embrace
Welcomed to join the earthly ways
To be more vast and out reached
Assimilated to the big picture
To be salt with ones salt
Assuming to the current that flow
To be reversed to the sea.

- Swit Marie
1130H 9th December 2018
Books and Beds


This piece is a remix of a poem that my friend wrote. I was showing him an example of how people can edit and create poems from existing poems and the possibilities of the different style to collaborate. I maintained rhyming as in the poem to relate it back to the original as much as I could. It definitely turned out to have a very different outcome and emotion to it as we both have different takes of when we read the original piece. The original piece was written by Nicholas.
At day break
Right where the sun beams wake
By the lake
where palms cup the first breaths of my vitality
This is the beginning of legacy.

The skies change its tone
as swallows sweep
as kites soar
Dancing with winds blown
as rain pours
as I weep
over the things I have outgrown.

As my youth slipped through the cracks
Like an hourglass tipping over
The grains of sand lose track
within its own gradients covered
in the multitudes of a thousand folds
Quicker as the angle grows steeper.

Falling with gravity
is inevitable
The truth about my…


I wrote this spoken word piece for the October Walls show as a part of Mental Health Awareness month. Hoping that this will help those going through a hard time find comfort and peace in the midst of their struggles. Stop, drop and roll is the step you need to put out the flames when you catch fire.
Stop drop and roll
the dice of stolen time
These dots of missing odds
Doubled by the unpredictable chance
When falling is a must but landing on the right numbers is always a gamble
The is no right answer
for the mind tricks we play on a dime.
The consequence is more than we can handle.

Stop, drop and roll
Down this hill recklessly
When you have lost control
Tumbling down rapidly
Down a cascade
Chaffed by barricades
Scratched by sticks
Scabbed by stone
Caught by your own broken bones.

Stop, drop and roll
Out the list of things you found
Uneasy about your soul
The things that bind the soles of your feet
keeping them from being planted on the ground.

Stop, drop and roll
into the mud pit of unreasonable thoughts it i…

Lighthouse of Mine

Lighthouses have always had a strong meaning in my life especially when it comes to hope and support. It was the first thing I saw as an image when I had an encounter with God in 2005 and since then, any time I needed to find light, it would always be in a form of a light house. This is written for my close friends who have been there for me especially during my times of brokenness this year.
High - Lighthouse Family

You are a lighthouse,
Standing steadfast and tall
Not because you are above all
But a beacon of hope above the walls.

Your light is always shining
Seen from yards away
A call resounding
Unwavered by the waves that sway.

Guiding our way back to shore
You are always there
Through the harsh and fair
You light up my life with care.

- Swit Marie
2052H 15th October 2018

Grumpy Bear

After writing a multi, Kudos got me to write 16 bars using Pete Rock's Smooth Sailing beat. We were talking about how we are really grumpy people when we are sick and I tried writing about it.

It's okay to be a sick grumpy boy
It's a frumpy ploy in a way
It's a new day for you to be coy
Drinking latte soy from an empty tray
Don't be gray like Ruski Tolstoy
Be a legendary Geroi (hero) this very day
All you wanna say with happy joy
Is that you're a free boy and you're a okay
Go away with the hay
fever can't stay coz it's not the month of May
Go out and play, tossing frisbee ahoy
Not pirated toys for Saturday
In bed you stay feeding hungry Koi
Sickboi ready to annoy Instagram today
But it's okay to be sick grumpy boy
Because I enjoy to love you anyway.

- Swit Marie
6th October 2018


Intimacy can be in different ways, aside from the physical sense, there is the space for emotional vulnerability and the chance to share the same wavelength and experiences. I was exploring how I would express my desire for intimacy with a person, trying to expand the way I could describe the feeling in that moment when that was all that I wanted.
I want a moment
Of intimacy
Of honesty
And transparency
Being there as I am
No facades
No masks
No antics
No curtains to hide behind
My heart beating
With uncertainty
Is it enough to just be?

No linen between us
Your skin feels like congee garnished with shredded scallops
My curves fit in your lines
I carefully allow myself to sink in
Letting your freckles kiss my moles

You place my palm on your sternum
Helping my breath rise with yours
Slowly exhaling and being present
Your warmth welcomes me
To stay and be.

- Swit Marie
1033H 20th September 2018
Safe Space


At the end of September, I was really having a very difficult time with myself, I felt very overwhelmed by the things I had lines up in next two months and also questioning where I am in term of progress as I was crossing the 30 year mark. In the midst of all of that, I have found myself in people, people who have become very dear and near to me and it is because of them, I choose to continue living and getting better at life.

If one day
I would wake up
To discover that the world
has come to an end
I will search high and low
Just to make sure
you are still standing there
Just to make sure
you are still breathing
Just to make sure
you still exist in this world
In this still fraction
of my current reality
You mean the world to me.

- Swit Marie
1618H 23rd August 2018


There was a discussion among my group of friends about the reasons why victims do not speak up when it is necessary. There are many who do not empathise who blame them for keeping silent and said that because of their silence, they do not deserve justice. This irks me a fair bit as I have been there before on multiple occasions where speaking up or speaking out is not a viable option.

Silence is the absence of noise
The absence of speech
The absence of opinions

Silence is the coldness of no reaction
The troubles of the quiet
The stillness of timidity
The mime of tension

Silence is the chastisement of lamentations
The withhold of murmurs
The swallowed screams of victims
The unheard sounds of death

Silence is the prison of secrets.

- Swit Marie
1220H 26th August 2018
Taman Bahagia

Mr. Nice Guy

I was challenge by my buddy Kudos to write a multi which is a rhyme scheme where you rhyme multiple syllables repeatedly in the bars. I tried my best but there is definitely no flow for it right now. I will pick this back up again in future and try to make it rap-able.
Hi there Mr. Nice Guy
I heard your dream is to get televised and diversify
Revise how you classify
what you feel inside with diligence
Every effort you apply suffice and disqualify
all the doubts that occupy your confidence
You spend your days wrapping your head around raps with intelligence
Keep trying with endurance
till it becomes a concise paradise to edify and glorify
Masterpieces that testify qualifies
you access to be a certified legendary alumni.

A little story about you and I
I spy on you like an agent of the FBI
My My My
My minds full of landmine
Is my current favourite lullaby on Spotify
Enticing vape flavours from your device splice through my alveoli
When you beat me at pool I yell out Sohai
And your reply is Chou Cibai.

You l…


I wrote this during the time when I was having trouble just being without my functions and emotions defining me. My best buddy gave me a neutral space to just be without any expectations or requirements. That helps with finding acceptance and working through the motions of decompressing after each therapy session.
Being with you
Is just being
Without trying
Just being.

There is no electricity
Just desire in the purest form
A sheer transparency
of our character
On an endeavour
To discover
The life that is out there.

- Swit Marie
0225H 5th July 2018
Taman Bahagia

I Froth You

Since I met you, life has become a lot more interesting and I feel like I am living again. There are days when I spend the whole day in your presence and it gives me comfort like food especially when you say you got my back. Malaysian only have one meal a day, we wake up and don't stop eating till we go to sleep.
I get nervous around you,
You are the layers of butter that flies through my stomach that makes me melt inside Your voice seeps into the pores of my being like maple syrup soaked up by fluffy cinnamon pancakes covered in heaps of frothy clotted cream surrounded by fresh assorted berries that are as colourful and vibrant as your company The perfect breakfast companion served with a steaming hot flat white with honey.
Your bars hold the spicy sambal hostage while the beats heat up the laksa
Mid day is when we get our fix
A drug that makes our ears sweat and hearts race
Pushing through till we overcome the fiery hill followed by the massive high of a foodgasm
Every time we p…

Post You

Thoughts about my past break ups have been flooding my head recently, I needed to write to find some form of release and wanted to go back to my roots of rhyming. I would say that I have no regrets but there are days when your gut is filled by distasteful memories that needs to be regurgitated.
It is now AM 12:34
There you are standing at the door
Walking away because you could take no more
This is the last of me that you will endure
Here I am once again
Unable to pick myself up from the floor
Questioning what I have left in my core
Unsure of what the future has in store
In a dilemma of why I did all this for.
Maybe I should put that down payment
on that flight that I saw
Flee to another continent and go on tour
There is so much out there I have yet to explore
or just run across the Causeway to Singapore
Experience a new sunrise on a new shore.
I know I am not the person you knew from before
I used to be calm and collected
Doing everything by the law
No dirt on my window or clog in my…

My Cadbury

For July's Spill The Ink Workshop, Melizarani gave us pointers on what makes a good slam poem. One of the assignments was to pick an item in your bag, write 10 lines to introduce yourself based on the item. Rearrange the sentences in priority and decide the tone of the poem. The item I chose to write about was a bar of Cadbury chocolate.
Sharing unearths our favourite memories
of sweetness and comfort
Our inner childhood desire
for pure innocence and pleasure;
Pleasant and demure.
Breaking through the royal purple sheets
The disguises and masks we put on every day
Looking at the cracks and creases patched up by gold
Irresistible from its centre through and through
A symbol of richness for the poor.
- Swit Marie
0328H  24th July 2018
Taman Bahagia

Homing Device

Going back to rhyming is really challenging and fun. I was given a prompt to write about my creepy stalker tendencies. Any similarities and familiarity is purely coincidental and may or may not be based on a true story.
It started with attraction
Someone caught the attention
of Creeper McCreeperson
Each hour of the day
turned into obsession
An uncontrollable compulsion
To gain information
To track every mention
To know what was fiction
To feed his addiction
Create an illusion
as a quick diversion
Instead of a conclusion.
Weirdest LeStrange
Watching everything
Every step he is walking
Every conversation he is talking
Recording all his mocking
and the clicks
of when his jaw is locking
Counted every pill that he is popping
All the rapping
when dope beats are dropping
All of his phone lines
she has done tapping
Every time he has laughed clapping.
Come one day he watched her
She was manic looking for a cure
He still found her with much allure
She was in a place so obscure
filled with fine …


I wrote this on a whim after spending some time with a new buddy of mine and challenged myself to incorporate some Australian slangs that I have picked up from Kudos. #giveKudos
In a puff of smoke
Your face appears
In between layers
of grape
and mint
Sitting upright
Under a bright shining moon
It will be 1am soon.
The breeze blows against your skin
Stirring up the most curious scent
A sense of belonging
A sense of yearning.
The most fluorescent blue eyes
Weaved with emeralds
Pierce through
the space in between molecules
A gaze that meets mine
Right down the middle.
Your words paved in print
Tunes meddle with beats
There is where your art comes alive
It's hectic!
You preach.
We're not here to f*ck spiders! You teach.
Scaarn on!
You reach.
Your microexpression
Of utmost chill
mixed with complete
Owning it
Your compliments
Should compliment you.
Poker face turns to light
Joy behind three cards
Playing sh*thead
In your little caps and fitting hats
You look mighty fine


A poem written using the imagination to sketch out how you would look like in the near future. If only these words could sketch out how you look like to me since my own artistic skills fail me. Bon Anniversaire Sylvain Pelé

A sketch of mid summer night's dream
Slender curves that penciled a silhouette
Shading it in the subtle dim light
Warmth nestled in the soft grandiant shadows
Faint feathery highlights peeked
where the illuminated glow touched skin.
Lean extensions of reality
Stretching across broadly
From finger tip to finger tips
Lines drawn from the nape down the spine
A smooth descend
Like trickling droplets of dew
Flowing down an ascending vine.
Intensity accompanies
every flexion of the imagination
Indentations like coves
carefully carved by the sea
Some greater than others
Some hidden away by mangroves
Amphitrite rests on her throne
Satisfied, she admires her creation.
- Swit Marie
0413H 9th March 2018
Bahagia HQ

Fiery Smile

I have recently been trying to pick up French and learning by picking up phrases to use in my poems. I am amazed by the depth of expression the French language has. Some people say I have an infectious smile, maybe it has the capability to catch fire, maybe.
Tu me fais rire
My smile
releases as easy
as fire
that starts in the depths
of the forest.
Swirling and twirling
Like butterflies dancing
like starlings
in the bright blue sky.
With out judgement. Sweet
Without malice.
Nectar leaks with the morning dew.
It stays
In the gleam of my eyes
Brightening your day
Hoping that
you will stay.
- Swit Marie
0403H 23rd June 2018
Taman Bahagia


I wrote this when I had so much emotions pent up because I was so overwhelmed by Tash Sultana  performance on Tiny Desk by NPR. She is so raw and full of expression, I was left in a ball of messed up emotion I could not untangle.
She left there crying
by the interstate
Slow jams and psy-trance playing
It's calling her.
Calling her to internal
stories yet to be told
It never grows old
She is crying tears of
summer days and wasted spaces
Of memories that can't be erased
It's permanent like
a scarred tattoo
It heals empty.
She's been crying her lungs out
Taking shelter under piers
Away from light
She's been gasping for air like a sick new born
who doesn't even know what breathing feels like.
She's been scrapping words from the ceiling of her mouth
Hard and sharp
They don't calm her down
She can't comprehend her thoughts
She been running down her shadows
Gunning down her stilettos
Screaming out her demons
Playing those scenes over and over again.

There You Were.

It wasn't by chance that we met. I am grateful for meeting such a wonderful person. Since meeting him, we have shared very unique and exciting memories. It's a wonderful start to a beautiful friendship!
The day was heated like a barbeque pit
Waiting to grill assorted meats
I remember walking down that street
Slightly nervous,
distracted and scatter brained
Rushing for a dinner we would all be at
I was thrown off when I bumped into people midway
I arrived at the bustling rattling lot
pacing outside closed shutters
Look all around because my eyes couldn't focus
My pale face was sweating worries and uncertainty
I saw you standing there, waiting
Your alluring blue eyes wondering
I didn't know if I should smile
It's been a while since I spoke to random strangers on the sidewalk
I was unsure if I should greet you
I decided not to be a creep
You had no qualm
Laid back and collected
I didn't realise who you were
Soon a familiar face came up to you
Your arms stretched o…


This piece was written from a place when home was not a safe place. It was during a time when I was at the peak of one of my relapses and the only thing I could do to protect myself was to leave home.
Home doesn't feel like home
It doesn't feel like my own
Conflict with no resolve
With harsh and angry tones
Shaking fear straight to the bone
No space, room or place
To grow up in grace.
It never felt safe
Even though we did behave
Constantly in tension
Involving the wrong kind
Of attention
Towards every action
And opinion
Living under his dominion
And regulations.
It wasn't safe for the mind
Paranoia lurks from behind
In every corner
You will find
Skeletons and monsters
Having night terrors
About every error
No dreams of something better.
Everything had to be a certain way
From the start of the day
To everything hat we say
Not too loud or too bright
I always had to be plain
Being myself never felt right
I kept my lips shut tight.
Every part under scrutiny
Every outsider beca…

Reminiscing Memories

This piece was originally written in Malay, then translated to English, French and Russian . It is about a beautiful person and connection I encountered on last year. I had massive amounts of help from good friends of mine, Sylvain, Adelie and Eve. This piece was performed at If Walls Could Talk's 3rd Anniversary.
I miss you thousands of times
Listening to your soothing voice
whispering in my ear from afar
Reminiscing by the seaside
Longing for you.
Melihat mukamu berkelip
di antara bintang-bintang
di langit malam sunyi
Hatimu berdebar seperti gelombang laut
membasah pasir pantai.

Сладкие мимолетные воспоминания
Твоё лицо нарисовано на моей ладони
питает медленно в мою улыбку.

La lampe de mon inspiration
gardée dans les plis de ma robe
avec nos secrets du passé.

Tu me manques des millier de fois
J’ecoute ton apaisante voix
murmurer de si loin au creux de mon oreille
Réminisçant au bord de la mer
Languissant pour toi.

I gaze at your face flickering amongst the stars in the quiet night


I wrote this after I found out my ex got married to the girl he was with when he cheated. She contacted me multiple times and I did not want to have anything to do with them. I dodge a bullet and she is his now. This is me letting go of everything that had happened from the start till the end.
I was tied up with you
My heart wrapped tightly
like a ball of yarn
Blinded to see
that I was your prisoner.
You strung me along
let your ends loose
Then left me behind
Stale and lifeless.
I was frayed;
I spent twice as long
Trying to weave together
what was broken
Back tracking to
where my strings started
Not knowing how
to the get the ball rolling
So afraid of getting twisted.
I watched you play
on another's heart strings
Letting her tug at you
Like flying a kite
I had knots in my stomach.
When you tied the knot
My heart struck a cord
I am not hung up on you
Not any more
My life isn't a tightrope like before
I had cut you off
No strings attached
I was…


A piece about a dream I had about a year ago, still fresh in my memory. Times passes quite quickly, who knows, we may meet again really soon.
My head sinks into the curves of your shoulder girdle
Your arms blanket my torso
My palm resting on your heart
Your chest raises into mine
Our hearts alternating beats
Every pulse quakes my wrist.
You beard rustle over my forehead
Fingers running through my fridge
My lashes brushes against your chest
Fingertips lightly grazing my lips
Your breath whispers rhythmically into my ears
My eyes fall asleep in your assurance
eyes closed in your gaze
Your cologne lingers in my hair
Your scent calms my lungs
like Cedarwood on an autumn night.
- Swit Marie
0904H 29th April 2018
Taman Bahagia

Midnight Stroll

One of my favourite things to do back in Russia was to walk down the streets in the middle of the night, especially during autumn and early winter when it just starts to snow. This piece is about revisiting old memories with new people in mind.
Walking on the streets
Dead of night
Snowflakes falling
right where our eyes meet.
Our focus on one tiny gem
Everything else is an oversight
You and I take our time
Follow through with our line of sight.
this little one take flight
It drifts
and so do we Till our eyes see
hazel, burgundy
with a hint of caramel.
Reflection of street lights
Dimly flickering
Till the next snowflake
Steals our gaze
we are still wide awake
Walking into our foresight.
- Swit Marie
0453H 3rd May 2018
Taman Bahagia


To my light of inspiration, my firefly that shows up every now and then to give me a glimmer of hope and creativity.
When our eyes meet
They do not wander elsewhere
Your pupils dilate;
Just wide enough to permit one
Your irides welcomes me
Beyond your retinae
Into your memories
We are the only two in the room
Dimly lit
Enough light to see your treasure
Clasped in our hands
Flickering like perched fireflies.
- Swit Marie
0658H 19th May 2018
Taman Bahagia


A short piece in celebration of freedom and acknowledging its price
"Liberty!" she cried
Rivers she swam
Valleys she crawled
Nothing hurt as badly
As the day she said goodbye. The price of freedom
Was the pain she felt
Growing pains
Of going against the grain
- Swit Marie
0327H 17th May 2018
Taman Bahagia

Knowing Love

One of those days where I remembered what love felt like and when I was lucky enough to hold it in my hands. Unconditional and unique to that one moment shared by two people.
Love is knowing
when your heart falls
catched by cupped palms
when you heart sits
comfortably in fingers
that will not harm
Love is knowing.
- Swit Marie
0606H 19th May 2018
Taman Bahagia

NaPoWriMo: Grateful For You

A prompt given by Makhluk Seni. What are you grateful for ?
Take my time
Hear my heart beat
And breathe slowly
Notice my tension released
Knowing I have found peace
You are my security
Offering advice on repeat
Unwavering and sublime.
- Swit Marie
0533H 17th April 2018
Taman Bahagia

NaPoWriMo: Crash Landing

This prompt was taken from Makhluk Seni for #NaPoWrimo2018 Day 9 Like Falling into the sky.
If I was an astronaut
drifting in space
I have lost my tether line
My saving grace
Left cold with no gravity
No way to save me
in this case.
I would let the stars
envelope me like a blanket
Savour their warmth and light
Sleep on meteorites
and hold on for dear life
Hope that this lucky chunk
would bring me back to Earth.
The atmosphere would burn
strip my pride away
The clouds would pass
Sweep away the decay
Leave me with just skin and bone
For all to see in the bright of day.
My fingers reach out toward the comets
I remember the times when I was wild
A light breeze lifts my arms
I soar and indulge for a while
I land, my toes grasp the grass
The security makes me smile.
Deep down I know this is home
Land is where I belong
It took falling from the sky
to make me realise
all this time I was wrong
All this time, you stayed
You were right all along.
- Swit Marie
0032H 10th April 2018
Taman Bahagia


MALAYSIA - The Pantun Prompt - #PantunPrompt by Afi Noor The pantun is a form of poetry that thrives in communities across Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and even Burma and Sri Lanka Write a pantun of 8 lines, with the rhyme scheme abab/abab or abac/abac. You can find out more details about the form at the following link: Omit all punctuation. Write like the millennials do. #SlangBonus: Include 2-3 local slang words. #SEAPoWriMo2018#SEAPoWriMo2018Day3#PantunPrompt Erghmagosh these memes be like Salty af
I cant even
Try my luck not to suck
But that's like so yesterday, irrelevant. Lepak hard coz feeling fomo
Bts with my bae
Only proof is with swafotos
On instagram story all day every day.
- Swit Marie
0349H 26th April 2018
Taman Bahagia

NaPoWriMo: Mother Mercy

#NaPoWriMo2018#Day29 prompt by Poetry Cafe KL #NaPoWriMo#nonet Write a trilingual nonet using all of the following words (in any language)- molecule, mouse deer, man eater, masculinity, mother, manja, merepek.
Merepek dengan Kemarahan (Running your mouth with Anger) вызывают изменение ( Vehzehvayut izmeneniye - Causes change) молекулярное (Molekulyarnoye - Molecular) Mousedeers become Man eaters Masculinity Misused against Affection Mercy Мать. (Mat - mother)

- Swit Marie
0144H 30th April 2018
Taman Bahagia

NaPoWriMo: Infinity Wars

#NaPoWriMo2018 #Day28 prompt by Poetry Cafe KL #NaPoWriMo#epitaph#death Write an epitaph in memory of the death of all or any of the following - yourself, the world, a dream, an idea, a person, an everyday object, anything that you loved but has now been laid to rest #RIP
Today the sun sets over unfinished journals and unwritten scripts of stories that would only be known to those who were in the battle, tucked away in the folds of disappointment, layers of regret and ashes of defeat. The light dims over many obstacles, broken bones and broken spirits of the voices that faught its way through the caves and valleys only to be silenced by time, space, reality, power, mind and soul.
- Swit Marie
1819H 30th April 2018
Taman Bahagia

NaPoWriMo: 50 Rich Traits

#NaPoWriMo2018 #Day27 prompt by Poetry Cafe KL #NaPoWriMo#50wordsfor There are 50 words to describe snow. What else can you describe in 50 ways?
50. Toes that have smelled the ground
49. Soles that have tried many roads
48. Heels always ready to spring into stride
47. Feet that know where to go
46. Ankles like scaffolding
45. Calves that ploughed a true journey
44. Knees that have knelt before God
43. Quads that have conquered marathons
42. Hamstrings stretched to reach greater heights
41. Gluts that curve bodaciously
40. Hips that have danced till sunrise
39. Core as strong as pillars
38. Stomach that ventures for the exotic
37. Guts that challenge the mediocre
36. Chest as wide as the horizons
35. Heart that beats with warrior drums
34. Lungs that have tasted nicotine
33. Diaphragm that breathes deeply
32. Sternum that is humble
31. Clavicles that are welcoming
30. Shoulders that bear the weight of the nation
29. Arms that embrace fully
28. Triceps that withstand adversity
27. Bicep…

NaPoWriMo: Swungover

#NaPoWriMO2018 #Day26 prompt by Poetry Cafe KL #NaPoWriMo#jazz#music Find a quiet place and crank up the record player to listen to a seminal piece of jazz. Write a poem in response to it.

I loved dancing with you
Through our days and nights
Every beat felt right
In the moment
Being us, being true.
Pulsing through the rhythm
Let it rise and sink
Till the brink
In the space of the count
Living in the anthem.
In the breath of the step
Filling up the connection
Building the tension
Rolling into each stretch
Feeling each prep.
Speaking in your sway
Through each move
Every part of isolation
You had your individual groove
With the music we played.
You have made my heart full
Overflowing with joy
Feeling every push and pull
Streamlined every pattern
You made this dance beautiful.
- Swit Marie
0517H 29th April 2018
Taman Bahagia

NaPoWriMo: Tranquil

#NaPoWriMo2018 #Day25 prompt by Poetry Cafe KL #NaPoWriMo#tanka Write a tanka using at least two of the following words - bicycle, journey, photograph, gunpowder, pillow, insomnia.
Our photograph
Taken by flash gunpowder
On our journey
Your sweet scent on my pillow
Cure for my insomnia.
- Swit Marie
0449H 26th April 2018
Taman Bahagia

NaPoWriMo: Mere People

#NaPoWriMo2018 #Day24 prompt from Poetry Cafe KL #NaPoWriMo#myths#legends This is my personal favourite. Re-write a popular myth from another point of view. Give voice to the voiceless. Let the marginalised tell their own story so they don't simply become a vehicle for someone else's heroism.
Undeniably Undines
Have fascinated us humans
for centuries
While they had our freedom
We had a soul
Willingly they paid a hefty price
Shorten their lives
Bless us with divinity
An unfair trade for immortality.
The human soul was all they longed for
To share, to hold, to love
At sea, the only love they could call for
Were wondering seamen
In their desperation
They called as sweetly as they could
Resorting to enchantment
All they wanted was affection.
Nereides would offer themselves
Hoping the lost would belong
Hoping for love to be found
changing the tides
With their song
Drunken; they had nothing to hide
The seamen would confide
Mermaidens gave their fins
For hideous confession
Men harpoon…

NaPoWriMo: A Series Of Unfortunate Events

#NaPoWriMo2018 #Day23 prompt by Poetry Cafe KL #NaPoWriMo#worldbookday Today is World Book Day! What is one of your favourite books? Write a poem in response to either the themes, characters, style or plot of the book or even a response to the book cover.
The Baudelaires had many Bad Beginnings long before that unfortunate day at the barren beach till the admission into The Austere Academy. They were captured and at risk, clawing their way out of the Carnivorous Carnival, digging down and dirty through the Grim Grotto and fighting fearlessly free through the Ersatz Elevator only to find themselves once again in the hands of the obnoxious Count Olaf in the Hostile Hospital. Misery loved company and those none the wiser mulled themselves into the Miserable Milk hoping to find a meal but end up in painful Penultimate Peril. Their one place of refuge was in the Reptile Room, a sane asylum that kept them secure for a while before slandering the Slippery Slopes into the unforgiving Vile Vill…

NaPoWriMo: Breathtaking

#NaPoWriMO2018 #Day22 prompt by Poetry Cafe KL #NaPoWriMo#earthday#motherearth#gaia

Melancholic metronome
Pulsing in my chest
Lyrical memories
Fall like heavy raindrops
From the songs of the skies
Fall into puddles of rondes
Rebounds from the surface
with every breath.
Take the strings of my heart
Play them with a bow
Stroke them like a violin
Feel the vibrations
through every cord
Pulling from the depths
Stretching every note
Inhale and breathe out
Till the brink of mountain sides.
- Swit Marie
0840H 24th April 2018

NaPoWriMo: Wilting Moments

#NaPoWriMo2018 #Day21 prompt by Poetry Cafe KL #NaPoWriMo#objects Choose two or three ordinary everyday objects; a blender, a bicycle pump, a biscuit tin, a side table, a lamp. Find the relationship between them and write about the conversation these objects might have or a story they’d all find themselves in.
#Day30#NaPoWriMo#lastone Last day, last chance, last drink, last dance, last goodbye, last legs, last kiss, last supper, last night, last place, last poem, last cigarette, for the last time, last but not least...
Last night their lullaby was about a moment shared between two souls trapped in different times
One was growing older,
withering like a flower at the end of the day
while the other stayed immortal
Like the vase that held the flower.
They briefly shared each others company,
Her body wrapped in his security
Him admiring her stunning beauty
They complimented each other
Like the stars in the night sky
Or fields of tulips in the mid of summer.
The day had passed so swiftly

NaPoWriMo: North Star

#NAPoWriMo2018 #Day20 prompt by Poetry Cafe KL #NaPoWriMo#duet Write a duet poem with another poet about your friendship. Collaborate. You could write about how you met, your first impressions, what you liked or didn’t like about each other, the significance of the relationship to you now.
It was a night of dance
Strangers became familiar
faces became smiles
Hugs between bodies
turned into warm embraces.
My voice caught your attention
You were drawn without boundaries
possessed by intoxication
Surprised by a familiar sound
And attracted to a jovial smile.
You said you wanted me
Not knowing why
But you were hell bent
On staying in this moment
Refusing the odds
Stopping time
Believing this was perfect.
I wanted to write a galaxy of stories
Alliterate your voice in my words
Your thoughts in my breath
And weave you into every sentence
To illustrate our universe.
You became my world
The ground I stand on
Where my feet sink into
The glorious mountains
that take my breath away
The magnificent…

NaPoWriMo: Beating House

#NAPoWriMo2018 #Day19Poetry Cafe KL #NaPoWriMo#soundpoetry#soundpoem#jackmalik#dada A sound poem is where the phonetic aspects of human speech are foregrounded instead of more conventional semantic and syntactic values; "verse without words". By definition, sound poetry is intended primarily for performance.
Dom Tak Beh Dom Dom Tak
Don't Beh afraid now
Take heed in your stride
Beh all that you are
Don't stop coz your Heart don't stop Beh-Beh-Beh-Beating. Dom Dom D-D-Dom Dee Dee Doo
Дом книги (Dom Knyigyi) is a library
Дом (Dom) is a home
Hum to the drums
That Beh-Beh-Beh-beat
With every dee dee detail
Do what your heart says
D-d-dig into the book
Дом is a dome dee dee dom.
- Swit Marie
0914H 29th April 2018
Taman Bahagia

NaPoWriMo: White Lies

#NAPoWriMo2018 #Day18Poetry Cafe KL #NaPoWriMo#abstract#art Choose your favourite painting or sculpture. Write a poem in response to it. This piece speaks to me every time I look at it.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
Who held you near
whispers in your ear
Telling you had nothing to fear.
His arms were your comfort
With little effort
He opened your heart
You gave no retort.
He created this safe space
Within these walls was your place
He showed you his face
You showed him your grace.
In the lights and glitter
Your heart began to flutter
Your gaze became more blur
There was no way to recover.
Your judgement blinded by a veil
You could not see the betrayal
You trusted without fail
His dance with you was going stale.
He left without any goodbyes
Your ears were hearing lies
Full of deceitful replies
Leaving you alone to cry.
Fragile like porcelain
Hurt by his restraints
Left pale, weak and in pain
Broken in the rain.
- Swit Marie
0452H 19th April 2018
Taman Bahagia

NaPoWriMo: Bump In The Dark

CAMBODIA - The Khmer Prompt - #KhmerPrompt by Phina So Write a poem in the Khmer form: 4 line stanzas with each line containing 7 syllables. #FearBonus: The poem is about fear. #BumpBonus: There is a loud sound in the poem, that somebody has to explore.#SEAPoWriMo2018#SEAPoWriMo2018Day1#KhmerPrompt #Day17#NaPoWriMo prompt by Poetry Cafe KL #monsters#jabberwocky What monsters lurk beneath your bed or in your closet at night ? What scares the bejesus out of you? What dark evil entity, idea or nightmare keeps you up at night? Write a children's poem about your monster, either real or imagined.
Mama, what is that I hear?
Something going bump in here
Is it something big or small? sounds like it is coming near But do not see it at all.
Papa, what is that I hear?
Something moving going creak Tell me where did it go?
I am scared I do not know.
Gor gor, what is that I hear?
Something running going squeak I feel it is over here
Help, I dare not take a peek.
Here, let me switch on the light