Post You

Thoughts about my past break ups have been flooding my head recently, I needed to write to find some form of release and wanted to go back to my roots of rhyming. I would say that I have no regrets but there are days when your gut is filled by distasteful memories that needs to be regurgitated.

It is now AM 12:34
There you are standing at the door
Walking away because you could take no more
This is the last of me that you will endure
Here I am once again
Unable to pick myself up from the floor
Questioning what I have left in my core
Unsure of what the future has in store
In a dilemma of why I did all this for.

Maybe I should put that down payment
on that flight that I saw
Flee to another continent and go on tour
There is so much out there I have yet to explore
or just run across the Causeway to Singapore
Experience a new sunrise on a new shore.

I know I am not the person you knew from before
I used to be calm and collected
Doing everything by the law
No dirt on my window or clog in my pores
Every thing I had was yours
You were my soleil and noir
You were the smile that I wore
My sweet scent of Dior
I gushed and mushed like melted chocolate and marshmallows in a smore
Every thing that I could adore.

I don't know how many it has been
But one more shot I will pour
I hang our memories up for decor
These pictures sound like a crowd cheering "encore"
There was nothing I could implore
There were no more lines to draw
I painted my walls with the secrets from your mentor.

No lyrics from Paramore
could save me from the impalling stakes made out of Sycamores
When I found that to you
I have become a has-been whore
No more stories worth telling
Our lives became a bore
The trust had faded like an extinct folklore
I am haunted by ghastly dementors
I could not ignore.

Every word roared out like bullets
fired by machine gun carrying dinosaurs
To win an on going unnecessary war
So many nitty gritty muddy unsettled scores
Teeth grinding, skin peeling by claws
Our innards poured out like a twisted scene of gore
There was no cover up that could censor
every action triggered our nerves and sensors
My heart that was already shredded, sore and raw
It feels like being eaten alive by a carnivore
Like a fresh wound that never heals
The pain during live births when the perineum tore open
because giving life is a stretch
It was a love labour
And many times people go too far
And they can't care like they did before
not without giving a little time to restore.

- Swit Marie
0246H 18th July 2018
Taman Bahagia

Swit Marie is a 'Jacqueline of all trades' who loves wearing plaid
When words fail, she allows movement and emotion to carry her through
A believer in making dreams come true, s
he would love to collaborate with you
An explorer starting fresh and would only give her best
She stands in the gap and will only call it quits when it's a wrap.


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