Winter Has Come

December is here and that only means one thing: Winter is coming. On my way back from Singapore, it was drizzling slightly and I was reminded of the harsh winters we used to have in Kursk, Russia. Recently in Mama Lia's class, we were given the assignment of describing weather. This is my attempt at putting that exercise in to good use.

Hello white, whimsical Winter,
Temperature drops degrees lower,
Winds are churning drastically stronger,
The air is crisp, brittle and colder.

Snowflakes fall like delicate feathers,
Refracting light effortlessly like shimmering glitter,
Bedazzled are the surfaces as blankets of soft clouds of snow pile upon each other.

Your days are getting much shorter,
Sunlight diminishing and weaker
Disseminating through the gloomy, bruiting weather.

Your chilling nights grow darker,
Like an endless charcoal covered canvas spackled with flickering flames of lighters,
Stars slowly losing their glimmer.

Ice spikes form like giant splinters,
Piecing shards crashing down from the rusty gutters,
Violent blizzards make us wish the worst is over,
As we curl up by the gas heater.

Frostbite becomes our worst encounter,
Sickness and the cold are no stranger,
Warm fur coats is all we have to brave the weather,
And hope to keep our hearts toasty this cold, shivering December.

- Swit Marie 
08:25H 6th November 2016
West Coast Way, Singapore

SY is a 'Jacqueline of all trades' who loves wearing plaids.
She doesn't believe in things that fade and fulfills the promises that she made.
She seeks the hearts of the troubled, to be a listener in times when things are doubled.
She's the kind who stands in the gap, who will only call it quits when it's a wrap.


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