Be The Trump Card

This piece was written after I went for Scott Sneddon's workshop on Performance Poetry and a challenge by Melizarani when she saw my blonde hair.
This piece is about layers and how each person has the potential to be more than who they present themselves to be. Let's be proud of who we are.
Lyrics were taken from Justin Bieber's What Do You Mean

Let's make Malaysia great again
Let's make the world a better place
Let's take away the pain
Let's take away the rat race.

Let me shake your hand
And take your hand
So we can make a stand
At the front of this stage
On this rich and flourishing land
And put in motion what we have planned.

We have come to an age
Where words don't stay on a page
They are typed out on timelines
And taking and giving offense is now fine
Animals are allowed out of their cage
To be proud roaming predators
To instil fear and go on a rampage
And let out their rage.

I think everybody is trying hard. It is a very tough system.

What do you mean?
When you nod your head yes but you want to say no?

Letting yourself go with the flow
because you think you honestly don't know.
But what is really happening is that
you don't want to take control
because you are afraid of who you really show
when you just let yourself go.

Make a decision and be clear with your intention.
Go forward in the direction
that you know should be your motivation.
Where you should give your all
and proceed with dedication
How you apply all your informal and necessary education
to achieve the results you want and honest satisfaction.

Live like you mean it and
say what you see fit,
not fit in a box that is collapsible.

Find out what is available
and turn your content into a label.
Don't strive recklessly
and end up a dying fable,
start being stable
and doing what you are able.

Be flexible
Be reliable
Be relatable
Be believable
Be unbreakable
Be unforgetable.

- Swit Marie
0406H 26th May 2017
Bangsar HQ


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