My Malaysia

This was a homework assignment that was given by director Chris Ling for the #MalaysiaThrowsHerselfABirthdayParty spoken word theater show. This is a poem written for MALAYSIA.

You have been swept over by waves and waves of men
Of different colours and loud deafening voices
All wanting to reap of a free land
A land that is rich and pregnant with potential
A land where rulers couldn't measure up to the lead nation
When they bartered jengkal, hasta and depa
For the value of currency and what the powers that be define economy.

Your straits were promised to become straighter
And your quarries will be excavated to become industries for quality
Resources stripped of its sources by the sorcery called segregated education
Fields ploughed by our own hands get handed over to the fiends claimed as legal pirates.
Celebrating your own 60th birthday because you want so much to be counted
as a senior citizen
To reap of the benefits because so much has been taken from you
But no, you are only 54.
Premature and still throwing tantrums at quintessential things
Disgruntle and bitter about the purity that was stolen and the identity that is lost
You forgot the extensions of you that stayed because of faith that
you would still count them as your own.

We are the fruits of the seeds sown by our forefathers
There is no reason to blame the treason that was committed
when you committed to their voice of reason
But we have all the reason to feel threatened
because of the way we are treated.

It is time for you to come of age and grow up
not because you have grown old but because
it is about time
Time for you to show your true colours,
the colours that are every shade of red, white yellow and blue.
The brave, the pure, the royal and loyal to stand and make you beautiful again.

- Swit Marie

1349H 4th October 2017
Old Klang Road

Swit Marie is a 'Jacqueline of all trades' who loves wearing plaid
When words fail, she allows movement and emotion to carry her through
A believer in making dreams come true, s
he would love to collaborate with you
An explorer starting fresh and would only give her best
She stands in the gap and will only call it quits when it's a wrap.


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