SY: I Will Be Watching

This prompt was given by Angelia Ong of #TDGEducation for #NaPoWriMo2017 on #SpillTheInk
"Write a poem written from your shadow's perspective.
Share us where is its fave place, and what does it think about you. Does your shadow listen to the same music? Does your shadow not like poems? Does your shadow want to take charge, for once? What would your shadow do? BONUS 1: use a social media format (Facebook statuses, Twitter, Instagram, or text messages).
I posted this on The Muruku Murmurations Facebook page for this bonus.

You walk with a stride like a force to be reckoned with
Unafraid yet terrified
Confident yet threading on paper thin ice
Knowing what is coming yet recklessly dashing through every corner.

Fuelled by a desire to discover
A hunger to seek
A craving to recover
A satisfaction only fulfilled if you are found.

You lift your heels off the ground
Trying to reach for higher things
Though uncertain of what the future might bring.

Avoid pushing down with your pelvis
Because feeling grounded may be the very thing that holds you back
Constantly reminding you of what you lack.

You jump with bent knees
Hoping to push yourself further
Stretching in the pulse that governs your beat
Leaving your comfort zone just for a moment
Leaving behind resentment
Leaving the vines that kept you rooted to your past mistakes, failures and regret.
Leaving the fret that breaks your bones
That crushes your chest and suffocates your breath.

Leaving behind a story to tell another day
The day when you land on your knees
Knuckles bleeding in the grit
Breathing heavily
Trying to get rid
Of the taste of bitterness that whip-lashed you back to reality
The bare gravity that ensnared you from greater heights
That decapitated your potential
Reality needs to be challenged by belief.

A faith in the fact that you can break through the barricade beyond your limit
Beyond what your surroundings tell you
Beyond what you know
Beyond the boundaries that others have set for you
Beyond the shadows that hide in the darkness of the day
Beyond the times when there is no light
Beyond what you thought was right.

- Swit Marie
0417H 29th April 2017
In The Shadows

Swit Marie is a 'Jacqueline of all trades' who loves wearing plaid
who thinks in rhyme all the time
A believer in making dreams come true, s
he would love to collaborate with you
An explorer starting fresh and would only give her best
She stands in the gap and will only call it quits when it's a wrap.


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