Soldier On

We've all got our demons to fight. There is not a single person in the wold who is not struggling with something or rather right now. How we choose to deal with our demons is what makes us, us. Do we give up and complain about it? Or do we fight with all our might and carry on? The choice is ours. 

I was shunned as a kid,
Because of the colour of my skin,
I still continued loving,
Maybe having friends wasn't meant to be my thing.

I've been laughed at all my life,
For my lack of height,
But I still walk tall,
Though sometimes I trip & fall.

I am told I am stupid quite regularly,
For giving up my life,
To take care of the man who raised me,
But I just smile and say, "I'll survive"

I have never been given a chance,
To do what I want,
In this game of life,
By their rules I abide.

We all have our battles,
Everyday is a struggle to get out of those shackles,
You may think I don't understand your pain,
But if you don't put up a fight, things will never change.

Don't tell me your problems are bigger than mine,
And that I will be fine,
For the voices in my head,
They say - one spin cycle in the washing machine is all takes for me to be,
- JN
8.15pm, 21/9/2016 (Wednesday)
Home, Kelana Jaya

JN is the one who doesn't take chances, but she's working on that. She's powering through life, one day at a time. Even with all that life throws her, you'll always see her with a smile. She's a hopeless romantic, hopeless beyond repair. You may say she's a dreamer, but she's got her feet on the ground.


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