You Break Her Heart, I Break Your Face

People are often taken for granted. I wrote this for a friend to remind her how amazing she is and also to remind her special someone that he is indeed lucky to have her. You break her heart, I break your face. ;)

That grin on her face I have missed,
It was gone for a while,
From dating boys who were gits,
I'm glad to see it again, twice as wide.

Don't send her down that road again,
Don't tell her she's the one,
Then decide it's not for you and run,
Why you boys choose to do that, I cannot comprehend.

Be patient with her,
It takes a lot to peel off those layers,
The ones that were cemented because of the people before you,
If only you knew the things she's been through.

Even when things aren't great,
Don't tell her that loving her was a mistake,
Don't say things you don't mean,
I'd rather not see her back in 'The Chronicles Of The In Between'.

Things may not always be rainbows and butterflies,
There will also be times when there needs to be a compromise,
Loving her is not always going to be easy,
But it's worth it, trust me.

If you decide to give up down the line,
If you choose to be a coward and run,
Even though I don't have a gun,
I'll shove batteries up where the sun don't shine.

 - JN
8.20pm, 23/6/2016 (Thursday)
Home, Kelana Jaya

JN is the one who doesn't take chances, but she's working on that. She's powering through life, one day at a time. Even with all that life throws her, you'll always see her with a smile. She's a hopeless romantic, hopeless beyond repair. You may say she's a dreamer, but she's got her feet on the ground.


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