Today's birthday poem is dedicated to a good ol' friend of mine. It was a chanced meet after an epic joint LEO event back in 2005. Back then he was able to tickle my funny bone and entertain me for hours. After 11 years, he hasn't lost his charm and still has magic in his smile. Happy Birthday Calvin!

Drop by ANTE in One Utama, have a drink, get some grub and wish this awesome dude a happy birthday!

There is more than meets the eye,
You will see it when you give him a try,
His humour both slap stick and dry,
Yes! He is unlike any other guy.

He flows with much efficiency,
Goes about with chivalry and courtesy,
With good cheer and great comedy,
He is everyone's favourite company.

A Jack of all trades, he masters them all 
Never misses an opportunity when he gets the call,
Hang with him and be sure to have a ball,
He has the ability to stir up laughter throughout the hall.

To venture near and far, then conquer the seas,
This talented chef is always a busy bee,
Head on the challenges, from enemies he doesn't flee,
He is well equipped to go forth to fulfil his destiny.

- SY
09:45H 15th June 2016
Jalan Pahang

SY is a 'Jacqueline of all trades' who loves wearing plaids.
She doesn't believe in things that fade and fulfills the promises that she made.
She seeks the hearts of the troubled, to be a listener in times when things are doubled.
She's the kind who stands in the gap, who will only call it quits when it's a wrap.


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