A jiwang lune! The kind of relationship you want is when they push you to be better even when it is difficult. They know you can do it, so they support you, encourage you and love you. 

You make me smile,
I am glad,
Even if only for awhile.

You make me happy,
I thank thee,
With you I am me.

You instill courage in me,
And encourage me,
Even when it is difficult.

You complete me,
I love you,
This is forever.

 - JN
10.30pm, 12/6/2016 (Sunday)
Home, Kelana Jaya

JN is the one who doesn't take chances, but she's working on that. She's powering through life, one day at a time. Even with all that life throws her, you'll always see her with a smile. She's a hopeless romantic, hopeless beyond repair. You may say she's a dreamer, but she's got her feet on the ground.


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