The Little & Simple Things

Sometimes we're so caught up in our daily lives, we don't stop to enjoy the small things that bring us contentment. I've been so busy with everything that's been going on, it was great to just be able to take a breath. 

 A book in one hand,
Some tea in another,
A cool breeze blowing,
The sticky sweat away.

Wrapped in cool sheets,
As the sun streams in,
Through curtains so white,
On a lazy Monday.

Driving along the road,
As all the lights turn green,
A long forgotten song comes on,
Taking you back to then.

Running up the escalator,
To the platform,
Only to realize,
You've just caught the train.

Waking up late,
And missing breakfast,
To open the fridge,
And see a tapao'd lunch.

Worrying about bills,
At the end of the month,
Checking your balance,
To see four figures.

At the end of the day,
It is the little and simple things,
That in their own small significant way,
Bring about a sense of happiness & contentment.

- SB
7.55pm, 5th May 2016
Coffee Bean

SB is a conflicted soul of sorts, who is mad enough to go chase after what she really loves as opposed to conform to society and her mother's idea of a successful person. She prays she makes it in life, because she will not be able to tolerate the nagging that would follow if she doesn't. Her inspiration comes from everything around her, as well as made up situations in her head. Good luck distinguishing between the two. 


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