Gravity Against Me

This is a song inspired poem powered by 'Gravity' by John Meyer.

A force that keeps us grounded,
So we don't go astray as we go afloat,
Gravity is working against me,
My heart sinking into the grounds of somewhere remote.

My heart can't stand more than this,
This man and all the love he has to give,
It feels a lot like hit and miss,
Life as we know it is what we have to give.

It's too difficult to go and to stay,
The push and pull will eventually give way,
I can't stop the words that he would say,
Those dreams he painfully throws away.

The more he gives and the less he takes,
Two folds or more isn't enough,
If it isn't good enough, he will raise the stakes,
I can see he is having it rough.

Gravity is working against me,
Too good to be true, this love of his,
Gravity bringing me down to reality,
To say goodbye to a love like this.

On bended knees we surrender,
One to tired to stand, the other by gravity's hand,
We can't help but want more from each other,
But we both know it won't go according to plan.

He deserves another,
Why should I even bother,
He is so much better,
Why couldn't my broken heart last longer.

We said goodbye through the tears we cried,
Gravity, you took life away from me,
Through sickness and death, our love has tried,
Now to the light I will go to eternity.

- SY
10:17H 5th May 2016

SY is a 'Jacqueline of all trades' who loves wearing plaids.
She doesn't believe in things that fade and fulfills the promises that she made.
She seeks the hearts of the troubled, to be a listener in times when things are doubled.
She's the kind who stands in the gap, who will only call it quits when it's a wrap.


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