ANNOUNCEMENT: Same Bag, Different Murukus

It has been a truly fruitful years for the Muruku Murmurations, from performing as trios to publishing our own zine and having our own show. However all good things must come to an end, and it is important to quit while one is ahead. The murmurators of the Muruku Murmurations are in very different places individually and creatively, hence it is best we take a step back from collaborations with each other and push forward to forge our own path. I hope you still enjoy our Murmurations to come, and continue supporting us individually despite this separation. 

- SB

I can liken our journey in poetry to a story or book. In a story arc, there is the beginning and an inciting incident which led to the conception of 'The Muruku Murmurations'. The tension builds as the characters go through different conflicts and crisis. Once the climax has passed, there is a resolution. Then the next chapter/episode/volume begins in the saga. The characters evolve and expand through their own development curve at their own pace, it was never meant to be one entity but individuals working as a unit. In this new chapter, the Muruku Murmurators will be embarking on their own sequels. We are still writing and performing, much like before but now the tissues have differentiated in to different organ systems but still part of the same body. The Muruku Murmuration blog is a platform for poetry of different forms and styles to gain exposure and a safe place for all murmurators to share their works and it will continue to be. Cheers to our previous accomplishments and the good rhymes, now moving on with the bigger picture.

- SY

"Every song has a CODA, a final movement. Whether it fades out or crashes away. Every song ends. Is that any reason not to enjoy the music?"

The Muruku Murmurations has come a long way from when we first began and I am amazed at all that we have accomplished in a year but like every song ends, it has come to its end. We are at different places in our lives right now and figured this is for the best, but not to worry, we will still be writing and performing individually and The Muruku Murmurations will always be a safe place to bare your soul to the world. It truly has been an interesting experience being part of a poetry trio and having them push me to my fullest potential. I am also thankful and grateful for all the love and support we have received. All that is left to do now is move forward. 

- JN


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