Today I'd like to celebrate a fast friend, yet a really true one, and one of the best I've got right now (and so far). I can't thank him enough for his quiet & constant support for my endeavours, and for the simple ways he has been there for me when I needed him to be. Here's to you, Serigala - I will tether hotspot for you to catch Pokemon any day of the week :) 

Charming you don't mean to be but you are, 
Surpassing all the pretty boys by far, 
What you are is a solid & truly nice man, 
Of your music & dance moves I am a big fan.

The sway of your hips with your legs between mine,
There is a cool vibe about you but your eyes are kind, 
There is no lying you give me 3am thoughts,
Although I know realistically it is all for nought.

I have to admit I do enjoy your gaze, 
And the sensation when my body you accidentally graze, 
But this shameless flirting is harmless at best, 
Which is why at the end of every Wednesday I can lay my temptations to rest.

We're fire on the dance floor as people can see,
There is no denying that chemistry, 
But this flirtation will never begin therefore it has no end, 
I guess I'll have to settle for you as a surrogate friend.

- SB
6.14am, 28th April 2016

SB is a conflicted soul of sorts, who is mad enough to go chase after what she really loves as opposed to conform to society and her mother's idea of a successful person. She prays she makes it in life, because she will not be able to tolerate the nagging that would follow if she doesn't. Her inspiration comes from everything around her, as well as made up situations in her head. Good luck distinguishing between the two. 


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