Taking Stock

how did you live you and i
how did we change someone's life
for the better
how deeply did we cut into the fleshy
stereotypes that seduce and fester
and lop them off piece by piece
what seeds of hope did we plant 
in the hearts of children whose dreams
withered before they were even birthed
what justice did we fight for
when wrong is twisted like a diseased root
to be the new black the new mutated right
or did we even fight at all when the battle
raged around us and we fell 
like scarecrows in a storm 
our convictions leaking from us
like straw

how did we live you and i
or have we lived at all

- Shuku

Shuku is a Musician-Trying-To-Make-It, and a Writer-Who-Would-Like-To-But-Is-Too-Paiseh. She admits to an acute weakness for well-chosen words strung together in either sentence form or poetry, and would marry Good Writing in a heartbeat if it were legal.Inspirations? Anything and everything, especially observations on the human condition and, occasionally, malfunctioning postal services, pompous bureaucracy, and the immortal Calvin and Hobbes.


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