SY: Doors To My Heart-Room

NaPoWriMo Challenge Prompt Week 7:

Our prompt for Week Seven comes to us from Gloria Gonsalves, who challenges us all to write atritina. The tritina is a shorter cousin to the sestina, involving three, three-line stanzas, and a final concluding line. Three “end words” are used to conclude the lines of each stanza, in a set pattern of ABC, CAB, BCA, and all three end words appear together in the final line.

Every hoarder's dream and nightmare are found in their store room. This piece is based on 'My Store Room' from 'The Surrogate Friend' album by Francis Wolf

The door was closed,
Behind trinkets and memories,
What I kept, I thought I needed.

My storeroom of memories,
A reminder of all I had wanted and needed,
Hills of boxes that should be kept closed.

Occasionally I took what I needed,
Relived those days with my eyes closed,
Cherish sweet timeless memories,
We all have storerooms of open and closed memories.

- SY
03:55H 6th May 2016
In My Heart-room

SY is a 'Jacqueline of all trades' who loves wearing plaids.
She doesn't believe in things that fade and fulfills the promises that she made.
She seeks the hearts of the troubled, to be a listener in times when things are doubled.
She's the kind who stands in the gap, who will only call it quits when it's a wrap.


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