I long to know,
  But never show,
  If you'd want me more
  Than skin deep.

I'll do my face,
  Perform with grace,
  Because you don't know me more
  Than skin deep.

Though you profess
  Not to care less
  About anything
  Not skin deep,

I see,
  Like day,
  Your walk is stayed
  Whenever beauty passes by your way.

I am not sure
  I could endure
  A scrutiny more
  Than skin deep;

But even more
  I do abhor
  To be the one you adore,
  Despite knowing me
  Just skin deep.

Is what you feel predicated on a shell -
Core interchangeable with anybody else?

Alas, I did not hasten to forewarn
  (Because the spell felt too lovely to be wrong)
  How I wish you had the sight
    to see

in order to be right -
love should be blind.

- Amelia

Amelia used to write all the time but one day stopped. Now she's trying to find her voice again, no matter how unremarkable or commonplace it may seem among the crowd. Her poems are part of a yearlong project to hit 100 pieces of writing - the hope is that in seeking quantity, somehow, quality will be found too.


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