From SY: To The Ex-Boyfriend

'Letters From Last Night' writes of heartache and pain. The cause, not being loved but allowing yourself to love. There are some things that will stay but nothing lasts forever. Another lyric inspired piece, this time, fueled by the words of Ed Sheeran's 'Photograph'

Love is a powerful thing,
An emotion. An action. A reason.
To love is to be unconditional,
That is the only love worth anything,
It is with uncontrite passion,
It is nothing but irrational.

The exposure to vulnerability,
To open up your heart and soul,
Then let you in to the deepest parts of my being,
Making promises with sincerity,
Believing every thing you told,
Not holding back and always giving.

Loving can hurt sometimes,
Because we allow our walls go come down,
Allowing all to be out in the open,
Apparently it can't be helped at times,
Our protective guard, our thorny crown,
We shut it down because we never learnt our lesson.

Love not the only thing I know,
I know jealousy, I know hate,
You weren't all that perfect,
You let your true colours show,
I took your every bait,
You used me, left me with more defect.

You know it can get hard,
I thought about it well,
My heart triggered to forgive,
You said,"I didn't think it would be this hard"
You said that every time things weren't swell,
That was the only excuse you could give.

Love does make us feel alive,
It makes our heart pump strong,
We do things we never thought possible,
Love helps people rebuild lives,
Find acceptance when we don't belong,
Makes us do what is responsible.

Our love was in many forms,
In photographs, in letter and poetry,
We made these memories for ourselves,
We went through many storms,
Hand in hand, pushing every boundary,
Storing up treasures in our memory shelves.

Your eyes were never closing,
You stroked my straight locks,
You spoke softly into the air,
You stayed awake moment musing,
You listened intently when we talk,
You had me with your fixed stare.

You didn't do me wrong till that one time,
Then you did it over and over again,
You could have made it right,
Instead, you thought hiding it would be fine,
Justified it saying you were in pain,
You didn't even resist it or put up a fight.

I took back everything I gave you,
I have you back all that you gave me,
Every sweet but broken memories,
All the proof of the lies you said were true,
No, not a single part can you keep of me,
Not inside your pocket, not inside your diaries.

You promised you would always be there,
Those two wrenching weeks,
The promise that I won't ever be alone,
You beat yourself up for how you fare,
Your secrets leaked and you became meek,
You did things purely with a heart of stone.

I won't let you have any piece of me to remember,
You don't deserve any of that,
Nothing for your pocket or your wallet,
Nothing from that very September,
I despise you, it's a fact,
I gave away that very wristlet.

You cant keep this love in this photograph,
Not in the pocket of your ripped jeans,
You ripped my heart out so easily,
You sneaked off to a different path,
You truly don't know what love means,
There is no way to recovery.

You hurt me bad, it was devastation,
You think only words bleed,
Inside these pages that you wrote for me,
I blamed you because you are the reason,
I did it all, I begged, I plead,
You just hid and denied cowardly.
And I won't ever let you go,
I tried and I did,
You ran away with everything,

I still cry at that song you know,
All the memories I tried to get rid,
It is love, it is that, it isn't what you think.
Inside the necklace where i kept you,
Next to my trembling heartbeat,
Where you should have been,
I gave away everything that had to do with you,
Because still having you in my life is an impossible feat,
Life will go on without you in between.

Written at 19:25 on 13th September 2015

On The Federal Highway

SY is a 'Jacqueline of all trades' who loves wearing plaids.
She doesn't believe in things that fade and fulfils the promises that she made.
She seeks the hearts of the troubled, to be a listener in times when things are doubled.
She's the kind who stands in the gap, who will only call it quits when it's a wrap.


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