From SB: To The Stranger

Sometimes people you know become strangers, and you have to get to know them all over again. 

"You seem familiar."

If I look very carefully, in your eyes I can see that same person who used to smile at me, eyes creased with laughter from my terrible jokes, and from smirking at me all too much.

"Have we met?"

In those places where we used to go, hand in hand we thought we'd take on the world. We'd enshrine our first meeting place forever in our hearts & revisit the place where it all began & started.

"Was it through...?"

In the company we once shared, the friends who love us both yet separately as we stopped loving each other. United it was easy but now in this divide they partition their love & try to strike a balance.

"I think I saw you on..."

There's no hiding from social media, and the walls you once posted on, papering with promises & words oh so funny and sweet are now papered with my words of caution to young kids who are thinking of taking that same leap.

"Sorry, my mistake."

Because although our names remained unchanged, the years apart have put on more than just weight for us. Our hearts ripped into pieces & distributed amongst other people, we no longer belong to each other like we once did.

"I don't know you."

If you were to pass me on the street,
You wouldn't be that boy I once thought I'd marry. You wouldn't even be my brother's best friend. You're a complete stranger, one I'll have to get to know, all over again.

- SB
1.28am, 1st December 2015
Ghetto HQ

SB is a conflicted soul of sorts, who is mad enough to go chase after what she really loves as opposed to conform to society and her mother's idea of a successful person. She prays she makes it in life, because she will not be able to tolerate the nagging that would follow if she doesn't. Her inspiration comes from everything around her, as well as made up situations in her head. Good luck distinguishing between the two.


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