The Hopeless Romantic

People tend to be surprised at how much of a hopeless romantic I am given the circumstances. 

You asked me how I am still a hopeless romantic,
Even though life has given me all the reasons to be a cynic,
I told you that no matter what life throws at me,
A hopeless romantic is what I will always be.

You asked me how I still believe in all those sweet gestures,
Like sending old school snail mail love letters,
I told you it was something about the feelings they gave me,
And how they made people happy.

You asked me how I believe in always and forever,
And in a love can survive whatever weather.
I told you that I needed to believe,
Because without hope, I wouldn't be able to breathe.

- JN
4.30pm, 7/12/2015 (Monday)
Home, Kelana Jaya

JN is the one who doesn't take chances, but she's working on that. She's powering through life, one day at a time. Even with all that life throws her, you'll always see her with a smile. She's a hopeless romantic, hopeless beyond repair. You may say she's a dreamer, but she's got her feet on the ground.


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